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TRIOBAN PP NSDL is a blend of mineral oil with fatty acid esters and Silicone Free (Liquid) Defoamer for paper industry.TRIOBAN PP NSDL controls foaming and aeration during paper manufacturing.


TRIOBAN PP SDXL is an emulsion made from Mineral Oil and non ionic surfactants and Silicone Free (Liquid) Defoamer for paper industry.TRIOBAN PP SDXL can controls foaming and aeration during paper manufacturing.


TRIOBAN ULTRA 15 is a silicone based antifoaming agent used for foam control and chemical processing in the pulp and paper industry.TRIOBAN ULTRA 15 has good shear resistance and delivers persistent foam control action.

1,2,3 Benzotriazole

The 1,2,3 Benzotriazole is being produced at our partner Nantong Botao in Rugao/China. It is one of the most effective corrosion inhibitors for copper and copper alloy used in various industries. Further positive effects can be seen in protection of steel, grey iron, Cadmium and Nickel.1,2,3 Benzotriazole finds applications in cooling water systems/industrial water treatment, industrial lubricants, dishwashing tablets, metal detergents and polishing, coolants, VCI papers/metal packaging/antifogging agent[photo].

Sodium Hydrosulfite

Sodium Hydrosulfite also called sodium dithionite and is the sodium salt of the dithionous acid. This chemical has a long shelf life, accurate composition, and effectively reducing capacity. Sodium hydrosulfite offered by Amrut Enterprises is processed by utilizing premium quality chemical compounds and advanced techniques strictly adhering to set industry standards. It is designed for various industries like textile dyeing, cosmetics, personal care, leather, food and soil chemistry


TRIOBAN E 2020 EM is a Silicone Free (Liquid) Defoamer, made up of blend of Glycols , Fatty Acids, Vegetable & Petroleum Wax & Other Surface Active components in aqueous base.TRIOBAN E 2020 EM can be used for performance at low dosage at per tonne of paper.

Tacelene Chem 21002

Tacelene Chem 21002 provides superior stabilization of calcium phosphate, zinc and calcium carbonate. It also prevents calcium sulfate and calcium oxalate scales, even in extreme pH environments (pH 4-10). In addition, Tacelene Chem 21012 is a strong dispersant in keeping the silt and commonly encountered inorganic particles suspended and in preventing their settling out onto heat transfer surfaces.

Properties Suppliers

Dimethylterephthalate supplied by Connect Chemicals is a special powder version suitable for thermal paper applications.It is a sensitizer for direct thermal paper.Dimethylterephthalate is suitable for use as a sensitizer in most thermal paper grades. Dimethylterephthalate can be applied in the conventional way as a sensitizer by the application of an aqueous coating composition to a pre-coated base paper followed by drying and calendaring.The coating composition will also contain appropriate amounts of various additives including for example color former and color developer.


Ethylenebisstearamide(EBS) is used in various industries as internal/external lubricant, mold release agent, dispersant and slip- and anti-blocking-agent. Because of its excellent lubricating properties it is widely used internally and/or externally in most plastics such as ABS, PS, PP etc.Ethylenebisstearamide is used to prevent adhesive granulate from sticking together during storage, or to prevent adhesive film layers to attract dirt or stick together before application by reactivation or melting. Ethylenebisstearamide can also be used as a process aid, for example to improve dispersion of fillers.It can remarkably enhance the heat-resistant and weather-resistant properties while coordinating with chief stabilizer in formulation of inorganic filler for PVC and polyolefin. As Ethylenebisstearamide has strong cohesions with pigment or other filler, it can improve the dispersion and coupling property of fillers in the polymers to enhance the commercial value of the products.In synthetic fiber industry, EBS can improve the heat-resistant, weather-resistant property of polyester and polyamide and bring about certain antistatic effects. Ethylenebisstearamide is used in the spinning of antistatic nylon fiber as additive and also is able to reduce the breaking of yarn.Added in the coating production to increase the uniform dispersion of pigment and filler, improve the surface leveling property of baking paint, prevent the stripping off of paint film and improve water-proof and acid-resistant and alkali-resistant property. In nitrocellulose lacquers, it can bring about the flatting action.Added in the manufacturing process of dope and oil paint to enhance salt mist and dampproof effect and to improve performance of paint remover. As Ethylenebisstearamide has good wearable performance and smoothing performance, fits for improving polishing performance of lacquer, air release of surface with holes, it is also well used as dulling agent for polishing furniture and printing ink.Used as lubricant in powder metallurgy (PM) steels to reduce the inter-particle and die-wall friction during pressing and hence improve powder compressibility and ejection of the component from the compaction tool.

Crystal violet lactone

Crystal violet lactone (CVL) is a color former for use in carbonless copying paper. It is suitable for use as a color former in most carbonless paper applications. Crystal violet lactone's main component of blue image formulations. It develops a neutral to slightly reddish-blue shade on clay, phenolic resin and zinc salicylate papers.


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