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AMBER DS is polymeric dispersing agents developed for all pigments currently used in Paper coating.

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AMYLOFAX a pure potato starch derivative, is the natural choice for wet-end applications. It comes within very narrow specifications and has the absolute minimum in variation in cationicity, guaranteeing outstanding runnability. It will not only bring maximum runnability but also have high performance at low integral costs, it has optimal retention due to a high level of flocculation properties, it has maximum binding power, it has less environmental issues as it stabilises wet-end chemistry.

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Biphenyl is an aromatic hydrocarbon. It has a distinctively pleasant smell. It is notable as a starting material for the production of polychlorinated biphenyls, which were once widely used as dielectric fluids and heat transfer agents. Biphenyl is also an intermediate for the production of a host of other organic compounds such as emulsifiers, optical brighteners, crop protection products, and plastics.

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DURAFILL is to produce papers that meet the increasing demands for cost efficiency and ink adsorption, producers add functional fillers that create micro-pores in the sheet.It has a high whiteness level, a large internal porosity, high specific surface area, and a relatively large particle size.

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FYNO-NDW effectively reduces the foam caused by various surface active agents, particularly due to vigorous agitation. Because of its excellent defoaming property combined with stability to high concentrations of acids, alkalies metal ions and thermal stability, FYNOL-NDW is very effective for suppressing foam in a variety of industries.


FineZyme is an enzyme for bio refining of Pulp, for all types of furnish, soft / hard wood, agro waste etc.

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Sylobloc antiblocking agents are consistently produced at the right particle size and pore volume to “micro roughness” to eliminate blocking and still deliver the optical and physical properties required for your product. Sylobloc is highly dispersible to ensure maximum anti blocking efficiency, low trace contaminants to ensure stability, and is approved for food contact.

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UIC-2028 is a superior quality 2.2-DiBromo 3-NitriloProprionamide (DBNPA) based biocide for use in cooling water systems and other applications. UIC-2028 can be used in pulp and paper processes.

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o-Cresol is a phenol. It is an isomer of p-cresol, m-cresol and anisole. Cresols are used to dissolve other chemicals, as disinfectants and deodorizers, and to make specific chemicals that kill insect pests. They are found in many foods and in wood and tobacco smoke, crude oil, coal tar, and in brown mixtures such as creosote, cresolene and cresylic acids, which are wood preservatives.

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AMBER ABX is used as an synthetic sizing agent for Paper and Paper board.

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