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What are radiochemical?

Radiochemicals are chemicals in which atoms are replaced with a radioactive isotope. The radioactivity can be natural or produced artificially by radioactive isotopes. Radiochemicals are used in research, labs, industrial and for materials testing and in the medical sector (radiopharmaceuticals).  Few of the radiochemicals replace atoms with short-live isotopes like phosphorous-32 and iodine-125 and most of the radiochemicals incorporate long-live isotopes such as hydrogen-3, carbon-4, better labelled as tritium.


Radiochemical Methods

1. Radiometric Analysis

The radiometric method is the most precise, sensitive and efficient radiochemical detection method. This analysis generally involves quantitation of radiation through beta-emitting radioactive isotopes like 14C, 3H. Radioactive reagent is used to isolate the analyte from other compounds of the sample. The radiometric analysis is generally performed with liquid scintillation counting.


2. Isotope Dilution

Isotope dilution method of radiochemical analysis is used for measuring the mass and quantity of a compound in a substance. This analysis involves preparation of the analyte in the form of radioactive. In this analysis, an isotope is mixed in the mixture whose compound need to be analyzed. The quantity and mass of the element can be determined after measuring the amount of radioactive and stable isotope present and the ratio of both.


3. Neutron Activation Analysis

It is the nuclear process of ascertaining the concentrations of elements in a material. This analysis method is based on neutrons activation, therefore requires a neutron source. The sample compound is then added with neutrons so that elements form radioactive isotopes. Using the information generated about radioactive emissions and decay paths for each element, it is easy to determine the spectra of the emissions and elements concentration.


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