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Fast 2 Shell

Fast 2 Shell is a non-silcone based material. It is formulated expressly for investment casting and lost wax casting. It has been proven to eliminate the need for pattern washing prior to primary coating.

Resil DMSD 50

Resil DMSD 50 is a specially formulated solvent based product for release application of moulded articles.


ULTRA-LEASE 200 is a new semi-permanent water based release system for high molding temperatures. It does not transfer to the mold surface and reduces contamination. It is highly effective , even in critical compounds.

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ULTRA-LEASE 662 is a water based released agent for silicone parts. It has high heat stability and excellent release effect.

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ULTRA-LEASE 900 is a semi-permanent release system for chrome plated mold surfaces. It is silicone free and water based and designed for molding operations where high temperature stability, non-transfer to the part surface and a high degree of slip is a must. It reduces mold fouling when used according to instructions.

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Ultra-Lease 500

Ultra-Lease 500 is a newly developed water-based, semi-permanent mold release agent, with especially good effects in FKM, H-NBR and other specialty elastomers with the exception of silicone rubber.

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Nix Stix X-9032A

Nix Stix X-9032A is used as mold releasing agent. It is produces a fine spray that wets the mold surface well and passes the flame extension test.It is also used in medical and food applications.

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ULTRA-LEASE 400 T is a water based, semi-permanent release system designed for tyre molding operations where temperature stability as well as non-transfer to the tyre surface is a must.It helps to prevent mold contamination.

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ULTRA-LEASE AT 44 is a water dispersable batch-off release agent. It prevents the unvulcanized compound sheets from sticking together during storage. Wetting and release properties are excellent for most types of compounds, independent of viscosity and stickiness.

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ULTRA-LEASE AT 45 is a water dispersable bacth-aoff release agent. It prevents unvulcanized rubber compounds from sticking together during storage. It shows excellent release properties for most types of compounds, independent of viscosity and surface stickiness. The compound should be completely dry before storage.

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