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Cilastatin Impurity E

Molecular Weight: 263.31
Molecular Formula: C10H17NO5S

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Cilastatin ammonium salt

Molecular formula: C16H29N3O5S
Molecular weight: 375.48

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Cilomilast (SB-207499) LAB GRADE 97%

LPDE4 and HPDE4 can be inhibited by cilomilast (SB-207499) with IC50 of 100 nM and 120 nM. More information please visit the website:

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Cimicidanol 3- O-α-L -arabinoside

?Product Name? Cimicidanol 3- O-?-L -arabinoside ?CAS Number? 161207-05-2 ?Synonyms? Cimicidanol 3-O-?-L-arabinoside ?Chemical Name? 9,19-Cyclolanost-7-ene-16,23-dione, 3-(arabinosyloxy)-24,25-epoxy-11-hydroxy-, (3?,11?,24R)- (9CI) ?Chemical Formula? C35H52O9 ?Molecular Weight? 616.78 ?Chemotaxonomic Group? Terpenoids ?Product Number?PS0276-0020 ?Grade? ?98.5% (LC&T) ?Size? 20mg

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Cimifugin 4'-O-β-D-glucopyranoside

?Product Number? PS0968-0010 ?Product Name? Cimifugin 4'-O-?-D-glucopyranoside ?CAS Number? 1632110-81-6 ?Chemical Name? 5H-Furo[3,2-g][1]benzopyran-5-one, 2-[1-(?-D-glucopyranosyloxy)-1-methylethyl]-2,3-dihydro-7-(hydroxymethyl)-4-methoxy-, (2S)- ?Chemical Formula? C22H28O11 ?Molecular Weight? 468.45 ?Chemotaxonomic Group? Flavonoids ?Grade? ?95.0%?HPLC? ?Appearance? Straw Yellow Powder ?Size? 10mg ?Storage? Keep in Dark Place

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Cimigenol3-O-β-D -xylpyranoside

?Product Name? Cimigenol3-O-?-D -xylpyranoside ?CAS Number? 27994-11-2 ?Synonyms? Cimigenolxyloside; Cimicifugol xyloside; Cimigenoside; Cimigoside; Cimigenol 3-O-?-D-xyloside; Cimigenol 3-O-?-D-xylopyranoside; Cimigenol 3-?-D-xylopyranoside ?Chemical Name? ?-D-Xylopyranoside, (3b,15a,16a,23R,24S)-16,23:16,24-diepoxy-15,25-dihydroxy-9,19-cyclolanostan- 3-yl ?Chemical Formula? C35H56O9 ?Molecular Weight? 620.81 ?Chemotaxonomic Group? Terpenoids ?Product Number? PS0277-0020 ?Grade? ?98.5%(LC&T) ?Size? 20mg

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Cimiracemoside D

?ProductName? Cimiracemoside D ?CAS Number? 290821-39-5 ?ChemicalName? ?-L-Arabinopyranoside, (3?,12?,15?,16?,23R,24S)-12-(acetyloxy)-16,23:16,24-diepoxy-15,25-dihydroxy-9,19-cyclolanostan-3-yl ?ChemicalFormula? C37H58O11 ?MolecularWeight? 678.85 ?Chemotaxonomic Group? Terpenoids ?Product Number? PS0502-0020 ?Grade? ?98.5% (LC&T) ?Size? 20mg

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Cinnamic Acid LAB GRADE 98%min by HPLC

Phytochemicals for research only;
For larger quantities or technical support, please contact us by email or by phone: +86-28-85159085

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Cinnarizine D8 Dihydrochloride

Labeled Cinnarizine, intended for use as an internal standard for the quantification of Cinnarizine by GC- or LC-mass spectrometry.

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?Product Name? Cinobufagin ?CAS Number? 470-37-1 ?Synonyms? Cinobufagin; Cinobufagine; Cinobufogenin; NSC 90325 ?Chemical Name? Bufa-20,22-dienolide, 16-(acetyloxy)-14,15-epoxy-3-hydroxy-, (3?,5?,15?,16?) ?Chemical Formula? C26H34O6 ?Molecular Weight? 442.54 ?Chemotaxonomic Group? Steroids ?Product Number? PS0582-0020 ?Grade? ?99.0% (LC&T) ?Size? 20mg

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