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AMICURE 101 curing agent for epoxy resins is a proprietary, non-MDA aromatic amine. AMICURE 101 curing agent is nonstaining and yields a low formulated viscosity at room temperature. AMICURE 101 curing agent provides several key advantages in fiber reinforced composites, electrical/electronic encapsulation, tooling, casting, molding, adhesives and coatings. It can be used as a multipurpose, low-viscosity liquid hardener in applications where good handling characteristics, moderate exotherms, high temperature performance and good chemical resistance are important.

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ARDEX K 301 is a fast setting cement-based product designed to smooth and level rough and damaged concrete surfaces in external and internal situations. ARDEX K 301 is a grey powder consisting of special cements, graded aggregates and high quality synthetic resins.ARDEX K 301 can be applied from 2mm to 20mm in thickness.ARDEX K 301 is not recommended for heavy duty industrial floors, public highways or traffic with solid or metal wheels.ARDEX K 301 is suitable for permanently wet areas and may be used in swimming pools with the addition of a suitable waterproof layer on top of it. ARDEX K 301 is not recommended for areas of intensive abrasive use in wet areas.

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AROLON 5900 is an acrylic polyol emulsion designed to be reacted with polyisocyanate. State-of-the-art two-component waterborne finishes can be formulated with AROLON® 5900 that offer excellent gloss with high distinctness of image (DOI) and can be applied in thick films (up to 3 to 5 dry mils).

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AROLON 6436 is an acrylic polyol resin designed for high solids, high performance polyurethane coatings. Low VOC (420 grams per liter) polyurethane coatings can be easily formulated with standard aliphatic isocyanates. AROLON® 6436 has a high equivalent weight for economy in use.

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AROLON 6437 is an 80% solids acrylic polyol designed for use in economical two component polyurethane topcoats that can be formulated to 340 grams per liter VOC.

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Acetanisole is an aromatic chemical compound with an aroma described as sweet & pleasant. It is used as a chemical intermediate in manufacturing of bulk pharmaceuticals, cosmetic additives like Avobenzone, resins & flavoring agents. Acetanisole is an approved food additive. It is found naturally in castoreum, the glandular secretion of the beaver. Acetanisole has a sweet smell and tastes like cherry and vanilla and is used in nuts, spices and boiled sweets. It is also used in cigarettes.

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Alkyd Resin

Alkyd Resin are formulated accordance to the industrial standards.These Alkyd Resins are used in wide range of paint products and which provides excellent gloss and good durability.

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Aradur 2958

Aradur 2958 is very fast curing, for mortar, adhesives and chemically resistant solvent free coatings.

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Aradur 2963

Aradur 2963 is very low viscosity, formulated light-coloured hardener for self levelling floorings and mortar (phenol-free).

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Aradur 3275

Aradur 3275 is nonylphenol-free resin. It is highly flexible, even down to-10 °C. Aradur 3275 is distinctly lower viscosity than Aradur 75 hardener and even than Aradur 76 hardener. It is used for the production of nonylphenol-free viscoplastic binder systems, impactelastic coatings, crack-covering membranes and liquid foils for sealing purposes.

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