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Piccolyte C

Piccolyte C polyterpene resins derived from the citrus monomer d-limonene are excellent polymer modifiers for block copolymers, butyl rubber and polyisoprene rubber. They are primarily used as tackifiers for rubber-based, pressure sensitive and hot melt adhesive systems. They are also used in premium quality chewing gum compositions as well as can sealants.

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Polymer- KV

Polymer- KV is used in wash and wear resin with catalyst.

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Polystyrene is an aromatic polymer made from the aromatic monomer styrene, a liquid hydrocarbon that is commercially manufactured from petroleum by the chemical industry. Polystyrene is one of the most widely used kinds of plastic. It is a thermoplastic substance, which is in solid (glassy) state at room temperature, but flows if heated above its glass transition temperature, and becomes solid again when cooled. Pure solid polystyrene is a colorless, hard plastic with limited flexibility. It can be cast into molds with fine detail. Polystyrene can be transparent or can be made to take on various colors.

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Resin AN-31

Resin AN-31 is high-molecular compounds of three-dimensional gel structure, containing functional groups of basic or acid character, able to exchange their ions for the solution cations and anions. Resin AN-31 used in production of healthcare products, heat power engineering, chemical, food manufacturing industry and other sectors of the national economy. Resin AN-31 is used for water treatment and in hydrometallurgy.

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TCC-41O-UCC is a non-formaldehyde wicking resistant sizing which is FDA approved for surface treament for contact with dry, fatty and aqueous food.

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TCC-4596-AC is a non-aromatic polyester acrylate resin system. It can be used as a filled laminating resin for fiber glass.

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TCC-8958-AC is a polyurethane coating. It is a two pan polyester-aliphatic isocyanate system.It is very light stable and has an outstanding level of resistance to chemical solvents and abrasion.It can be applied to metals, wood, concrete and plastics.

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TCC-AC AQUA shield polyester resin is a isophthalic polyester resin. It has superior corrosion resistance and is particularly well suited for tooling applications.

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TSA– 1003

TSA– 1003 is an acrylic resin used for two pack air drying PU finish. It is used for home appliance coatings, off shore rigs, maintenance coatings in corrosive atmosphere. Due to its excellent outdoor resistance it is also used for automotive top coats. Thermosetting acrylic in combination with isocynate hardner gives high gloss and good gloss retention. It has excellent chemical and stain resistance.

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UNI-REZ 138 an alcohol soluble polyamide resin of comparatively low viscosity. It has good color and odor levels, with very high gel and water resistance together with excellent solvent release and blocking resistance.

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