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KF-10 is a ketone formaldehyde resin widely used in nitro-cellulose paints, vinyl chloride copolymer systems, adhesives, printing inks, ball-point pen pastes, toner, pigment, hot melt compounds, PU-systems, varnish paints for surface treatment of wood, metal and paper. It has compatibility with drying and non drying short oil alkyds dissolved in aromatic solvents and gives very good gloss in flexo inks when used with non-reactive polyamides.

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Lexan is an amorphous engineering thermoplastic.It is having mechanical, optical, electrical and thermal properties.It is produced by reacting bisphenol A with carbonyl dichloride.Lexan is the brand name for polycarbonate sheet and resin in a wide range of grades.It is used in building and glazing, coverings and parts for industry, and communication and signage,electrical appliances,health-care uses,in airplane windscreens and passenger windows.


Noryl is a blend of polyphenylene oxide and polystyrene.It is a rare example of a homogeneous mixture of the two polymers.It offer a good balance of mechanical and chemical properties.It is used in the production of hydrogen,used in construction products.

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Nylon is a common condensation polymer. It can be manufactured by reacting di-amines with carboxyl derivatives.

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"XYDAR®" has outstanding superior heat resistance, thin-wall molding, high strength, high elasticity, dimensional accuracy and others, and the heat resistance is the highest level in the world. At present, demand is drastically increasing in the office equipment field as well as the electrical and electronic fields.


Xenoy is a blend of semi-crystalline polyester (polybutylene terephthalate polyethylene terephthalate, PET) and polycarbonate.It is having good chemical resistance, great impact resistance even at low temperatures, heat resistance, and outstanding aesthetic and flow characteristics.Xenoy alloys offer outstanding performance in applications that are exposed to harsh conditions, or that require a high degree of toughness.It can be created with recycled post-consumer PBT plastic.

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COTBOX is a phenol formaldehyde resin which is activated by Isocynates & Catalysed by amine gas. The system is humidity resistant & water based coatings can be used without any problems on cold box cores. High productivity due to faster curing rate. The properties are it has energy savings as no heating is required, it has excellent dimensional accuracy as core is cured in the core box itself, it cores are ready for assembly immediately after stripping, it has excellent surface finish and breakdown properties.

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COTRAN is a acid cured furan resin. This is 2 part acid cured system used for large mould & cores in C.I., S.G. Iron & steel foundries. The benefits are it has faster rate of curing hence higher productivity, it has excellent hot strength, allows it to be used for steel, ductile, CI and even for non ferrous casting, it has excellent surface finish and collapsibility, it has reclamation of sand up to 95% is possible and use of reclaimed sand leads to reduced binder additions and further has excellent flowability of sand facilitates easy production of intricate cores and moulds.

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COTSET is a phenol formaldehyde resin which is activated by ester. It is used for making mould & cores production suitable for ferrous steel & nonferrous casting. COTSET PART A is a highly alkaline phenolic resin. COTACT PART B is an ester. The benefits are it has excellent dimensional accuracy, it has high mould & core strength, it has good breakdown properties, it has low emission of fumes during pouring, it has superior casting finish, it has good resistence to sagging and further has faster rate of production.

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