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DERCOLYTE LTG is produced from the polymerisation of terpenes, showing a low softening point and a low VOC content. DERCOLYTE LTG is recommended to plasticize and to improve adhesion of pressure sensitive adhesives.

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DISTITRON 184 is an unsaturated polyester resin for SMC/BMC with chemical and stain resistance.


DISTITRON 196 is an unsaturated polyester resin for liner used with filament winding technology.

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Delrin acetal

Delrin acetal resin bridges the gap between metals and ordinary plastics with a unique combination of creep resistance, strength, stiffness, hardness, dimensional stability, toughness, fatigue resistance, solvent and fuel resistance, abrasion resistance, low wear and low friction.

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ELEVATE EF522 is an ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer with 12% VA. It is designed for blown and cast films requiring excellent optics and low heat seal initiation. High melt strength makes this material an excellent choice for profile extrusions, molding, and foaming applications requiring medium VA content.

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EPOTUF 20-013

EPOTUF 20-013 is ester epoxy resin that may be dispersed in water and used in primers for metals. It is prepared with 70% solids in butoxyethanol. EPOTUF 20-013 resin provides an excellent resistance to corrosion, dries quickly in the air and it is crosslinkable with melamine. EPOTUF 20-013 can also be combined with acrylic emulsion. It is recommended to produce primers that dry quickly in the air and stove-dried varnishes.

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Epilox M 1032

Epilox M 1032 is a 75% solution of a medium-molecular-weight bisphenol A epoxy resin in xylene. It has a viscosity at 25 Celsius (Pa·s) of 1.7 - 2.3 and an epoxy equivalent weight of 405 grams. Epilox M 1032 is used in solvent-based coatings.

Epilox M 1049

Epilox M 1049 is a modified epoxy novolac resin with low viscosity and yellowish color. It has a viscosity at 25 Celsius (Pa·s) of 3-5 and an epoxy equivalent weight of 190-210 grams.Epilox M 1049 is used in mortars, coatings, and sealing materials.

Ethylene Urea

Ethylene Urea is used in the manufacturing of polymers and is a finishing agent for textiles and leather. It is also used in preparation of high polymers, in formulation of plasticizers, lacquers, & adhesives, insecticide.

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Evasin EV3251

Evasin EV3251 with low melt flow index is a standard grade mainly designed for coextrusion blown film application.This resin can also be used in bottle and sheet application.EVASIN EV3251 has excellent barrier to various gases.This resin also shows very excellent thermal stability during long run process.Evasin EV3251 used for bottles,sheets and films manufacturing.

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