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Flo Rite 1085

Flo Rite 1085 is a plantability polymer which improves seed coverage and appearance.

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Flo Rite 1197

Flo Rite 1197 is a plantability polymer which improves seed flow in seed conditioning facilities.

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Fluon LM-ETFE is a new fluororesin which combines the excellent properties in heat resistance and other mechanical properties owned by ETFE resin and the low melting point.

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GARAMITE 1958 is very easy to disperse in a variety of formulation types relative to many rheological additives. Garamite 1958 is highly efficient and allows a reduced level compared to other rheological additives to achieve the desired anti-sag behavior for the application. Garamite 1958 performs particularly well in solvent-based systems and high solids systems. Garamite 1958 is a rheological additive which functions to impart thixotropy to a formulation giving the formulator viscosity control. Another key property that results from addition of the thixotrope is sag resistance which prevents a coating or adhesive from sagging on a vertical surface after application. One unique feature of Garamite 1958 is that in many formulations, the viscosity of the A-Side containing the thixotrope remains very low while the resulting anti-sag performance is superior to competitive materials. Garamite 1958 to provide excellent sag resistance and have a low A-Side viscosity is attributed to its quick recovery to its original viscosity when shear is removed. Garamite 1958 has a relatively high bulk density compared to fumed silica (~ 8 lbs/cu. ft. versus 2.5 - 5 lbs/cu. ft.). This greatly reduces the 'dustiness' of Garamite 1958. Airborne particles are minimized which reduces the inhalation factor, thereby, contributing to increased employee comfort. Garamite 1958 can be used to control rheology in a variety of applications including those using unsaturated polyester resins (UPR), vinyl ester resins and epoxy resins. Garamite 1958 is very effective at suspending fillers and pigments in many systems such as highly filled epoxy resin formulations,DCPD, Orthophthalic, Isophthalic and PET resins for laminating and gelcoat systems.

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GRANOLITE TEG is a triethyleneglycol ester of rosin, with a low viscosity and a very low VOC content.

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HETRON 980/35

HETRON 980/35 is epoxy vinylester resin containing less than 35% of styrene monomer. It contains F-Cat technology. With a high resistance against acids, solvents, flexion and heat. HETRON 980/35 may be used for manual lamination, spray-up and filament winding.

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HETRON FR 992 is epoxy vinylester low-viscosity resin, flame retardant with F-Cat technology. HETRON FR 992 resin holds a flame expansion lower than 75, which defines it as class II of the ASTM E-84 Standard. When adding 3% of Antimony Trioxide, it has a flame expansion lower or equal to 25, i.e., Class I. With this resin, manually laminated tanks and sprayed-up tanks, pipes, pipelines, tubs, stackers, purifiers and other devices / equipment containing corrosive gases, vapors or fluids, may be manufactures, where a high degree of flame resistance is required.

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HYDREX 100 HF is veinylester Epoxy resin of low emission of volatile material and low water absorption. It has variable gel times and excellent mechanical properties and impact resistance. HYDREX 100 HF resin was designed for manufacture of molds, vehicle and vessel parts, among other.

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ITAMINE MB410 is a primer for flooring, mortars, and adhesives. It is excellent in wetting conditions and/or cold temperatures (wet concrete). It has excellent chemical and mechanical properties.

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KELSOL 15-173

KELSOL 15-173 is a chemically modified, linseed oil supplied in butoxy ethanol. It contains no water as supplied, but can be diluted with water without the addition of a neutralizer.

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