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Polycol-Fbeco is used in resins and polymers.

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Quintone R100

Quintone R100 is a petroleum resin made mainly from high-purity 1,3-pentadiene that has been abstracted from C5 fractions. This product can be used in SIS adhesives. Its softening point is 96 degrees Celsius and it contains less than 0.1 mg of potassium hydroxide per gram.

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RayCryl 4155L

RayCryl 4155L is an all acrylic emulsion polymer for industrial interior wood finishes.RayCryl 4155L exhibits excellent water and chemical resistance.It is used in industrial wood sealers and in wood finishes.

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Staroma 1990L

Staroma 1990L is a light color terpene resin which has good solubility in aromatic hydrocarbon and vegetable oil. It is used in rubber, adhesive, paint, printing ink and package.

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Staroma 2985F

Staroma 2985F is a food grade terpene resin and the product has good solubility in aromatic hydrocarbon and vegetable oil. It is mainly used in the food industry as adhesives and widely used as gum base.

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Succinic Acid

Succinic acid is a dicarboxylic acid. Succinate plays a biochemical role in the citric acid cycle. The name derives from Latin succinum, meaning amber, from which the acid may be obtained. The carboxylate anion is called succinate and esters of succinic acid are called alkyl succinates. Succinic acid is used as an flavoring agent for food and beverages. It is also used as a intermediate for dyes, perfumes, lacquers, photographic chemicals, alkyd resins, plasticizer, metal treatment chemical, and medicines.

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Superlink 110

Superlink 110 is a rotomolding crosslinkable resins offers a unique combination of high stiffness, low temperature impact properties and superior ESCR performance. Superlink 110 is UV stabilized for outdoor service and is available in natural, black and standard colors.

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TCC-GP1OOP-AC is a styrenated unsaturated polyester resin. It is designed for hand lay up of boats, panels and other industrial fabrications of demanding quality.

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TCC-GP200P-AC is a low profile polyester laminating resin based on dicyclopentadiene.

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TCC-IB-620-NE is spray dried, freeflowing melamine-formaldehyde resin powder.It exhibit excellent adhesion to wood and are good binders for wood particles and wood flour for the manufacture of molded panels and blocks.Suitable for the production of moulding compounds for food trays, dishes, parts for electrical appliances and tools, and other molded products.

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