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WESTREZ 5101P is a highly stabilized rosin esterified with pentaerythritol and deodorized.It is a tackifying resin mainly suitable for Hot Melt Adhesives based on EVA or block copolymers.

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ZONATAC NG 98 a light color, low odor, and heat stable modified terpene resin.

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1,3-Butanediol is an organic chemical, an alcohol. It is commonly used as a solvent for food flavouring agents and is a co-monomer used in certain polyurethane and polyester resins.It is one of four stable isomers of butanediol. It is also used as a hypoglycaemic agent.

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2-Phenylphenol is an organic compound that consists of two linked benzene rings and a phenolic hydroxyl group. It is a biocide used as a preservative. The primary use of 2-phenylphenol is as an agricultural fungicide. It is generally applied post-harvest. It is a general surface disinfectant, used in households, hospitals, nursing homes, farms, laundries, barber shops, and food processing plants. It can be used on fibers and other materials. It is used to disinfect hospital and veterinary equipment. Other uses are in rubber industry and as a laboratory reagent. It is also used in the manufacture of other fungicides, dye stuffs, resins and rubber chemicals.

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ABRON PMR 7200 is PMR type of polyimide resin. It resin offers excellent thermal stability & performance at elevated temperatures. The combination of environmental friendliness, lower health risk and markedly higher use temperature makes ABRON PMR 7200 well suited for various aerospace and non-aerospace applications.ABRON PMR 7200 exhibits high mechanical strength and structural durability at elevated temperatures. It also features significantly less moisture absorption and is therefore less susceptible to moisture induced damage. ABRON PMR 7200 resin demonstrates excellent thermal oxidative stability and resistance to microcracking.

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ACRILEM IC 390 is APEO free, very fine water based dispersion of a self-cross-linking acrylic copolymer developed for formulating gloss enamels, primers and clear varnishes for wood with very good anti-blocking properties and superior water and exterior resistances. It is used for gloss enamels, primers, clear varnishes for wood.


ACRILEM IC 398 is APEO free, very fine water based dispersion of a core shell self-cross-linking acrylic copolymer developed to formulate clear varnishes for exterior wood with outstanding anti-blocking and water resistance properties. It is used as clear varnishes for exterior wood.


ACRILEM ST 181 is APEO, ammonia and formaldehyde free water based styrene acrylic emulsion with excellent alkali and water resistance as well as good exterior durability with improved adhesion on mineral substrates and water resistance. It is used for interior paints, masonry and façade paints, textured finishes.

AROPLAZ 15-143

AROPLAZ 15-143 is saturated oil-free polyester resin. This resin is characterized by its excellent flexibility, excellent color retention and good resistance to calcination. AROPLAZ 15-143 is designed for applications in the industrial segment, such as, in the formulation of stove-dried varnishes where maximum color and brightness retention is required. AROPLAZ 15-143 may also be used to cover coils and in the preparation of metallographic varnishes and polyurethane varnishes.

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AROPLAZ 15-173

AROPLAZ 15-173 is alkyl-modified polyester resin. This resin has excellent firmness, good color retention and high brightness. AROPLAZ 15-173 is highly resistant to outdoor environments and abrasion. Designed for industrial applications, for example, as modifier of nitrocellulose lacquers and stove enamel. AROPLAZ 15-173 may also be used in the formulation of polyurethane varnishes and dyes.

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