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Lead Carbonate

Lead carbonate is prepared industrially from lead(II) acetate and carbon dioxide. It has a wide range of applications. It catalyzes the polymerization of formaldehyde to high molecular weight crystalline poly(oxymethylene) products. It is used as a component of high-pressure lubricating greases, as a catalyst in the curing of moldable thermosetting silicone resins, as a coating on vinyl chloride polymers to improve their dielectric properties, as a component of corrosion-resistant, dispersion- strengthened grids in lead-acid storage batteries and also as a photoconductor for electrophotography.

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POLYLITE 10328 is a g eneral purpose unsaturated orthophthalic polyester resin. This is a thixotropic, low-viscosity and pre-accelerated resin. It may be used in pools, tanks, vessels, and other accessories reinforced with glass fiber. POLYLITE 10328 resin is developed to be applied with spray gun and also by manual molding. POLYLITE 10328 has exceptional impregnation characteristics of the glass fibers enabling to reduce the cycle and the resin waste. Low lineal contraction, innovative promotion system and low emission of styrene monomer.

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POLYLITE 33207 is a unsaturated polyester resin. This is a thixotropic low-viscosity resin. It has a quick curing cycle as well as an excellent glass fiber humidifying capacity. POLYLITE 33207 is especially designed for the construction of pools, marine parts, hydro massage tubs and parts reinforced with glass fiber generally, by spray-up or manual molding process.

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POLYLITE 33915 is a general purpose unsaturated orthophthalic polyester resin. It has medium reactivity, low viscosity and a high percentage of non-volatile material. Excellent mechanic strength, high hydrolytic stability, good resistance against impact, good acceptance of all kind of inert loads and fast demolding cycles. POLYLITE 33915 is used in the manufacture of pieces reinforced with glass fiber generally by manual molding, in products such as pools, tanks, plates, vessels, car bodies and other general pieces.

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Phenolic Resin

Phenolic Resin are used in a variety of print applications including heatset, sheetfed, quickset, coldset, business forms, cover inks, overprint varnish, letterpress, etc. Depending on resin properties, application type and ink requirements, our phenolic resins can be used as the main component or as a co-resin in varnishes for these systems.

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Piccolyte A115

Piccolyte A115 polyterpene resin is a pale, inert, low molecular weight, thermoplastic resin. It is produced from high-purity alpha-pinene isolated from turpentine, it is characterized by its light color and color stability; high gloss and gloss promotability; acid, alkali, and water resistance; and wide compatibility and solubility. Piccolyte A115 is a superior tackifier for SBS and other thermoplastic block copolymer elastomers in adhesive systems. Piccolyte A115 finds applications in gloss promoting agent in paints, varnishes, and coatings,deterrent to moisture and corrosive effects of acids and alkalis in sealants, caulks, and rubbers.

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Piccolyte A125

Piccolyte A125 polyterpene resin is a pale, inert, low molecular weight, thermoplastic resin based on high-purity alpha-pinene. It is characterized by its light color and good color stability, high gloss and gloss promotability. It has acid, alkali and water resistance and wide compatibility and solubility. It is a superior tackifier for SBS and other block copolymers, tackifier for PSAs & HMAs, gloss promoting agent in paints, varnishes, & coatings, deterrent to moisture and corrosive effects of acids and alkalis in sealants, caulks, & rubbers, wax modifier for investment castings, modifier resin in rubber compounding.

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poly(melamine) is a type of polymer.

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Propyl Acetate

Propyl Acetate is a clear, volatile, mobile liquid with a characteristic odour reminiscent of acetone. It is miscible with many common solvents, e. g. alcohols, ketones, aldehydes, ethers, glycols and glycol ethers, but it is only sparingly soluble in water. Propyl Acetate is primarily intended as a solvent in the coatings, printing inks industries,cellulose esters,resins,plastics. Its properties are important for the manufacture and processing of numerous products in these branches of industry. Propyl Acetate is formed by the esterification of acetic acid and 1-propanol, often via Fischer-Speier esterification.It has good solvency power for many natural and synthetic resins.

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RESAFEN 17-613

RESAFEN 17-613 is high molecular weight Phenolic resin, high melting point and good tolerance to aliphatic solvents. RESAFEN 17-613 resin is characterized by having a high melting point due to its excellent tolerance to aliphatic solvents and its excellent resistance to abrasion. Its use is recommended in preparing varnishes and producing printing dyes for Off-Set and Heat-Set.

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