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4-Dodecylphenol is used in surfactants, lube oil additive intermediate, phenolic resins.

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AMBERLAC 21-013 is acrylated alkyd resin dissolved in a high boiling-point solvent. The products formulated with this resin have good adherence, high resistance to alkalis, optimal brightness and excellent flexibility. AMBERLAC 21-013 resin was developed as a means for metallographic finishings, to produce air-dried enamels and stove-dried industrial enamels.

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AMICURE CG 1200 curing agent is a micronized grade of dicyandiamide containing 1.5% of an inert flow control additive to inhibit clumping and improve handling. It is designed for use as a latent curing agent for epoxy resins.

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AROLON 820-W-49

AROLON 820-W-49 is a thermoplastic, styrene acrylic emulsion designed for air dry applications. It offers good stability, excellent non-yellowing properties and good gloss in a variety of pigments.

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AROLON 847-W-42

AROLON 847-W-42 is a styrenated acrylic emulsion designed to provide early water-spot resistance and very good corrosion resistance coupled with inhibitive pigment stability.

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AROLON 860-W-45

AROLON 860-W-45 is an acrylic copolymer emulsion designed for primer and topcoat use on concrete, a variety of metals, and engineering grade plastics. It offers excellent mechanical stability, fast air dry and good gasoline resistance.

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AROPOL K 530 TB is a thixotropic, preaccelerated isophthalic based special purpose resin with good mechanical properties combined with high temperature resistance. It is a medium reactive polyester resin with relatively long gel time. It is suitable for spray-up and hand lay-up application for manufacturing different types of composites exposed to a corrosive environment and/or composites where good mechanical properties are important. It is used in production of tanks, pipes, silos, boats etc.

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AROPOL M 105 TB is a thixotropic, pre-accelerated, ortophthalic based polyester resin, with a moderate geltime. When applying the resin, styrene emission is reduced by up to 50% compared to standard resins. The resin is suitable for spray-up, hand lay-up and filament winding methods for manufacturing numerous FRP products for the marine, building and construction and transportation markets.

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BECKOSOL 10-015 is a phenolic-modified alkyd designed for use as the sole vehicle or as a modifier for medium oil alkyds. It offers good gloss and water resistant properties.

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BECKOSOL 10-029 is a long-oil alkyd at 70% non-volatile in mineral spirits for use in quality gloss enamels. It offers good gloss retention and positive dry.

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