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DISTITRON 135 SX is a LSC unsaturated polyester resin for hand lay up and spray up technology.

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Dimethoxymethane has a chloroform-like odor and a pungent taste. It is the dimethyl acetal of formaldehyde. It can be manufactured by oxidation of methanol or by the reaction of formaldehyde with methanol. In aqueous acid, it is hydrolyzed back to formaldehyde and methanol. It is primarily used as a solvent and in the manufacture of perfumes, resins, adhesives, paint strippers and protective coatings.

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EPICLON EXA-4850 is a new high performance liquid epoxy resin has been developed that fundamentally improves the hard, brittle properties that have been an intrinsic problem of epoxy resins.

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Enable mPE Resin

Enable mPE Resin products are based on a single unique resin that delivers an unprecedented combination of film processing and higher alpha olefin.


FINE CLAD M-8081 is a saturated hydroxylated polyester resin. This resin has an excellent resistance in the open air and excellent stability during storage. FINE CLAD M-8081 is also somehow reactive with epoxy resins without damaging the chemical resistance and solvents. Developed to produced powder dyes that provide matt finishing with hybrid polyester/epoxy systems.

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FINE CLAD M-8711 is carboxylated polyester resins for hybrid systems combined with epoxy resin (70-30 ratio in weight). This resin is characterized by having high reactivity, excellent mechanical properties, provide high brightness to the final product and good stability during storage. FINE CLAD M-8711 is recommended in the production of powder dyes for high performance coatings.

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Formolene HB4903

Formolene HB4903 is a high performance copolymer that is designed for the most demanding blow molding applications. It is also utilized in many sheeting applications. This resin has exceptional stress crack resistance, excellent surface appearance, good melt strength and good process-ability.

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Furfuryl Alcohol

Furfuryl Alcohol is used as an solvent, but is primarily used as an ingredient in the manufacture of various chemical products such as foundry resins, adhesives, and wetting agents.

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HETRON FR 992 SB is epoxy vinylester low-viscosity fire-retardant resin with F-Cat technology. The laminates manufactured with this resin comply with Class I of the ASTM E-84 regulations without the need for adding Antimony Trioxide. HETRON FR 992 SB also has excellent resistance against corrosion in acid and alkaline environments. HETRON FR 992 SB may be used in filament winding, manual lamination or spray-up processes to manufacture all kinds of equipment where a high flame-retardant degree is required.

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HETRON FR 998/35

HETRON FR 998/35 resin is a low viscosity, unpromoted, flame retardant epoxy vinyl ester. It can be used for corrosion resistant, reinforced thermosetting plastic equipment including filament wound, hand lay-up and spray-up tanks, pipes, ducts, stacks, scrubbers, linings or other equipment handling corrosive gases, vapors or liquids where a high degree of flame retardancy is required. The product is well suited for the caustic/chlorine and power industry applications.

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