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Technicure LC-80

Technicure LC-80 is an encapsulated modified imidazole designed for one-component epoxy formulations. Technicure LC-80 product can be used as a sole curing agent or as an accelerator for dicyandiamide, anhydride, dihydrazides and diaminodiphenylsulfone. Technicure LC-80, as a sole curing agent or an accelerator, the product offers excellent low temperature reactivity, long shelf life and high glass transition temperature.

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Technirez FR-001

Technirez FR-001 is high phosphorous containing oligomeric phosphonate flame retardant that can be used in a variety of applications requiring the highest standard of flame resistance. Technirez FR-001 can be used at loading levels below those of other organophosphorous containing flame retardants. Technirez FR-001can be used to replace or in combination with other flame retardants such as brominated epoxy resins. It is useful in thermoset and thermoplastic resins based formulations. Properly formulated systems containing Technirez FR-001 will pass FAR25.853 a & b (OSU 65/65/200) flame and smoke specifications as well as UL 94-0 flame specification.

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Technirez RME-30

Technirez RME-30 is a solid epoxy adduct of a solid diglycidyl ether of bisphenol-A epoxy resin and a carboxyl terminated butadiene acrylonitrile elastomer. Technirez RME-30 is epoxy functional and therefore compatible with all epoxy resins. The product offers low temperature melting and high elastomer content. Technirez RME-30 is easily dissolved in a variety of solvents such as MEK, toluene and xylene. Due to its high elastomeric content, significant improvements in impact resistance, thermal shock resistance and fatigue resistance may be seen when used alone or in combination with other epoxy resins.

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Trigonox 187-W26

Trigonox 187-W26 is an extremely active initiator especially developed for the low temperature polymerization of vinyl chloride to product high K-value PVC. It can also used in combination with other peroxides to increase reactor efficiency.

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UNI-TAC 70 RESIN is a modified rosin, which offers an excellent combination of oxidation and crystallization resistance. This product functions as a tackifier for SBR, natural rubber, butyl rubber, ethylene-vinyl acetate and other polymers. Formulated in solvent-based and water-based adhesives, it exhibits no tendency to crystallize.

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UROTUF F100-W-36

UROTUF F100-W-36 is an anionic stabilized dispersion of an oil modified urethane polymer provided at 37% solids in water. This resin is similar to UROTUF F97 but contains no cosolvent.

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Vydyne 20NSP BLK

Vydyne 20NSP BLK is a general-purpose, highly nucleated Nylon 66 resin with internal and external lubricant. Vydyne 20NSP BLK is a general-purpose, highly nucleated nylon 6,6 resin with internal and external lubricant. It is designed to crystallize rapidly when cooled from the molten state. This rapid crystallization can result in reduced cycle times and increased productivity through faster part setup when compared with standard general purpose nylon 6,6 resins. The crystalline structure resulting from nucleation will alter part properties, yielding increased modulus or rigidity, increased tensile strength, reduced elongation, reduced impact strength and mold shrinkage compared with standard general-purpose nylon 6,6. The Vydyne 20NSP series resins have an internal lubricant for improved machine feed and mold release. This formulation is designed to provide easy release of parts from molds using standard molding conditions. The rapid crystallization of Vydyne 20NSP resins may allow part ejection at higher temperatures compared with general-purpose nylon 6,6. This will reduce the mold closed time and thereby decrease the molding cycle. Critical factors unique to each application such as mold/part design, tolerances, etc., may negate these cycle time benefits. It is recommended to check critical part dimensions against specifications before implementing shorter molding cycles on a routine basis.Vydyne 20NSP BLK uses are terminal blocks, bearings, business control cams, electrical connectors, housings, wire ties, fasteners, switch components, and general industrial parts that require stiffness and rigidity.

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Vydyne 21SPF BLK

Vydyne 21SPF BLK is a general purpose nylon 6,6 resin. It is designed principally for injection molding fabrication. This grades offer a well-balanced combination of engineering properties characterized by high strength; rigidity; good toughness; high melt point; good surface lubricity; abrasion resistance; and resistance to many chemicals, solvents, gasoline and machine and motor oils. Vydyne 21SPF series resins permit production of molded parts with good initial color plus good property and color retention when using regrind. This resin is recognized by Underwriters Laboratories and conforms to the requirements of many industrial, federal and military specifications for premium-quality, general purpose nylon 6,6 resins.Vydyne 21SPF series resins are internally and externally lubricated for improved machine feed and exceptional mold release. They are intended for use in high-productivity applications. In many applications, the molding cycle can be reduced because parts may be removed from the cavity at higher temperatures. In difficult molds where parts have a tendency to stick in the cavity, Vydyne 21SPF can reduce or eliminate the need for mold release sprays. Critical molded part dimensions should be checked against specifications before implementing shorter molding cycles on a routine production basis.

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n-Propyl Alcohol

Avail from us 1-Propanol, a colourless chemical that is used as a chemical intermediate and solvent. It is also useful in organic synthesis. Our 1-Propanol is procured from trusted manufacturers and dealers. It is highly appreciated in the market owing to its good chemical properties and composition. Orchid Chemie make 1-Propanol available to the customers in safe packaging.


1,2,4-Butanetriol is an alcohol with three hydrophilic alcoholic hydroxyl groups. It is similar to glycerol and erythritol. It is chiral, with two possible enantiomers. It is used in the manufacture of butanetriol trinitrate, an important military propellant. It is also used as a precursor for two cholesterol-lowering drugs, Crestor and Zetia. It is as one of the monomers for manufacture of some polyesters and as a solvent.

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