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DERAKANE 510 A-40 is epoxy vinylester resin with the highest bromine content, of the DERAKANE vinylester resins, designed to provide the highest fire retardant degree without the need for adding additives (Class I under ASTM E-84) and high chemical strength. DERAKANE 510 A-40 may be used in most of the manufacturing processes in PRFV. Ideal to manufacture pipes, chimneys and chimney linings.

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DERTOPOLINE P 125 is a polymerized rosin esterified with pentaerythritol that shows a high softening point, it is particularly recommended to increase the heat resistance of certain Hot Melt adhesives.

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DISTITRON 183 LV4 is an unsaturated polyester resin for casting technology and filament winding.

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Delta Polyurea ST

Delta Polyurea ST two component, 100% solids, pure polyurea for corrosion protection and waterproofing on steel and concrete substrates.

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Diacetyl Peroxide

Diacetyl Peroxide is an organic peroxide that is a crystalline, sand-like solid with a sharp odor. Diacetyl Peroxide is generally stored as a 25% solution in dimethyl phthalate to prevent detonation. It may explode if heated, or in contact with combustible materials.It is used as an initiator and catalyst for resins, and it also promotes polymerization in the manufacture of certain plastics.

Diethylene Glycol

Diethylene glycol is an organic compound. It is a widely used solvent. It is used in the manufacture of unsaturated polyester resins, polyurethanes and plasticizers. It is used as a building block in organic synthesis. It is a solvent for nitrocellulose, resins, dyes, oils, and other organic compounds. It is a humectant for tobacco, cork, printing ink, and glue. It is also a component in brake fluid, lubricants, wallpaper strippers, artificial fog solutions, and heating or cooking fuel. In personal care products diethylene glycol is often replaced by selected diethylene glycol ethers. A dilute solution of diethylene glycol can also be used as a coolant. However, ethylene glycol is much more commonly used.

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Dimethyl Sebacate

Dimethyl sebacate is used as a plasticizer and solvent for resins and rubbers. It is used as an intermedite to produce other organic compounds including UV stabilizers, pharmaceutical and colorants.

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Dipentaerythritol is applicable for alkyd resins, fatty acid, rosin and tall oil esters, and to make paint and coatings, printing ink, coating adhesives, sealants, varnish, lacquer, vinyl chloride, synthetic rubber, polyvinyl chloride stabilizers, olefins antioxidant and acrylic monomers for UV-curing systems.

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Ethyl Amyl Ketone

Ethyl Amyl Ketone is a clear liquid with a strong fruity odor.It used in making perfumes and as a solvent for nitrocellulose and vinyl resins.

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Ethylene Thiourea

Ethylene thiourea is used primarily as an accelerator for vulcanizing polychloroprene (neoprene) and polyacrylate rubbers and also used in the manufacture of ethylenebisdithiocarbamate pesticides, such as amobam, maneb, mancozeb, metiram, nabam, and zineb,electroplating baths, as an intermediate in antioxidant production, in dyes, pharmaceuticals, and synthetic resins.

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