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Polyphosphazenes are a class of inorganic polymers with the repeat unit (-RR'P=N-).Used in Waterproofing, flame retardance and fuel houses.

Polyvinyl Butyral

Polyvinyl butyral is a resin usually used for applications that require strong binding, optical clarity, adhesion to many surfaces, toughness and flexibility. It is prepared from polyvinyl alcohol by reaction with butyraldehyde. The major application is laminated safety glass for automobile windshields.

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Polyvinyl alcohol

Polyvinyl alcohol is a water-soluble synthetic polymer. Polyvinyl alcohol is the raw material to make other polymers like polyvinyl nitrate, polyvinyl acetals. Polyvinyl alcohol is used as a emulsion polymerization aid, as protective colloid, to make polyvinyl acetate dispersions.

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Sodium Bifluoride

Sodium bifluoride is used as a component of electrolyte for galvanizing baths. It is used in pest control and insectproofing agent for leather. It is used in textile industry for removal of iron rust and as a neutralization agent. It can be used as a catalyst for polymerization processing. It is used for sanitation and laundry souring agent.

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Solvent violet 13

Solvent Violet 13 is used to dye hydrocarbon products like solvents and petrol, thermoplastics, synthetic resins, eg. polystyrenes, and synthetic fiber. It is also used in smoke, cosmetics, eg. in hair and skin care products. In pyrotechnics, it is used in some violet colored smokecompositions.

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Technicure LC-100

Technicure LC-100 is an encapsulated modified imidazole designed for one-component epoxy formulations. Technicure LC-100 product can be used as a sole curing agent or as an accelerator for dicyandiamide, anhydride, dihydrazides and diaminodiphenylsulfone. As an accelerator for anhydride curing agent, the product offers excellent reactivity, long shelf life and high glass transition temperature.

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UROTUF L54-MPW-32 is a fully reacted, aliphatic, thermoplastic urethane dispersed in a blend of water, N-methylpyrrolidone, and amines. UROTUF® L54-MPW-32 is suitable for both air-dry and force-dry applications.

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UROTUF L56-MPW-36 is a fully reacted, aqueous dispersion of an aliphatic urethane polymer containing no free isocyanate groups.

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Vinyl Ester Resin

Vinyl Ester Resin is a standard General purpose vinyl ester resin based on epoxy back bone. It is a medium viscosity resin offering extremely good resistance combined with low shrinkage, high temperature properties, good adhesion to substrates and a high tensile elongation. Vinyl Ester Resin also combines the excellent mechanical and chemical properties of epoxy resins and the ease of processing of Polyester Resins.Vinyl ester resin is recommended for the manufacture of FRP by Hand lay up, Spray up, Filament winding, Centrifugal casting, Bag moulding and Pultrusion.

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Vydyne 20NSP1 BLK

Vydyne 20NSP1 BLK is a general-purpose, highly nucleated nylon 6,6 resin with internal and external lubricant. It is designed to crystallize rapidly when cooled from the molten state. This rapid crystallization can result in reduced cycle times and increased productivity through faster part setup when compared with standard general purpose nylon 6,6 resins. The crystalline structure resulting from nucleation will alter part properties, yielding increased modulus or rigidity, increased tensile strength, reduced elongation, reduced impact strength and mold shrinkage compared with standard general-purpose nylon 6,6.The Vydyne 20NSP series resins have an internal lubricant for improved machine feed and mold release. This formulation is designed to provide easy release of parts from molds using standard molding conditions. The rapid crystallization of Vydyne 20NSP resins may allow part ejection at higher temperatures compared with general-purpose nylon 6,6. This will reduce the mold closed time and thereby decrease the molding cycle. Critical factors unique to each application such as mold/part design, tolerances, etc., may negate these cycle time benefits. It is recommended to check critical part dimensions against specifications before implementing shorter molding cycles on a routine basis.Typical end uses for Vydyne 20NSP1 BLK are terminal blocks, bearings, business control cams, electrical connectors, housings, wire ties, fasteners, switch components, and general industrial parts that require stiffness and rigidity.

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