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Vydyne 21Z-NT01A2

Vydyne 21Z-NT01A2 is a neat PA66 resin that is designed for extrusion-compounding applications. This grade is unique in its class with its high concentration of amine end groups that is proven to be an advantage for hydrolysis-sensitive formulations. Resistance of Vydyne 21Z-NT01A2 to heat, oil and wear is typical of PA66 neat resins.

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3-Methylpiperidine is used as raw material for hardener of epoxy resins, corrosion inhibitors, insecticides, accelerators for rubber, urethane catalysts, antioxidants and as a catalyst for silicone esters. It is also used in manufacturing pharmaceuticals.

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4-Tert-Butylphenol is used to synthesize antioxidants and intermediate in the production of varnish and lacquer resins.

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Allyl Propyl Ether

Propyl allyl ether is a colorless liquid,it has wide range of applications, including specialty coatings for metals and plastics, inkjet and screen inks, and adhesives.

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Apoxy 126FS Sealer

Apoxy 126FS Sealer is a 100% resin rich epoxy sealer design as bonding coat for various type of epoxy and epoxy modified systems. It cures within 4 hours that reduces downtime, disruption to users and businesses.

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BAYKYD SW 263-70 V

BAYKYD SW 263-70 V is a high quality long oil soya alkyd resin. The resin has good surface wetting and binding properties and manufactured paint will have suitable brush ability, drying time and stability. It provides glossy smooth coating film with proper hardness mean while excellent flexibility and resistance against environmental conditions. BAYKYD SW 263-70 V is recommended to be used as main binder in Primers and Topcoats, outdoor and indoor gloss, semi gloss and matt architectural, wood & metal surfaces paint or varnishes. It should be kept away from sparks, open flame, direct sunshine and being stored in a proper warehouse at 10 to 35 °C with sufficient ventilation.

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Benzyl Ethyl Ether

Ethylbenzyl ether is a colourless oily liquid with a powerful, fruity, rather sharp aroma.It is a combustible liquid used in organic synthesis and as a flavoring.

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Bisphenol Fumarate

Bisphenol Fumarate is manufactured by reacting Bisphenol-A with Propylene Oxide and Fumaric acid. It is a medium viscosity and high molecular weight Polyester Resin. Bisphenol Fumarate is particularly designed for Alkaline environments even at elavated temperatures. It is also resistant to acidic and selected solvent environments. It contains very few ester linkages in its molecular chain.

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Butyl Methacrylate

Butyl Methacrylate is a base material for coatings and adhesives. It is used in resins, solvent, coatings, adhesives, oil additives, dental products, textile emulsions, leather and paper finishing.

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Cobalt Naphthenate

Cobalt Naphthenate is a cobalt source that is soluble in organic solvents as an organometallic compound. It is the cobalt salt of naphthenic acids.Cobalt Naphthenate is commonly used in various catalysts and catalytic reagents for organic synthesis. It is also used primarily in unsaturated polyester resins, paint drier applications and rubber adhesion promotion in the tire industry.

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