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Trimethylolpropane is an organic compound. This colorless solid is a triol containing three hydroxy functional groups. Trimethylolpropane is widely used building block in the polymer industry. It is mainly consumed as a precursor to alkyd resins. Otherwise, acrylated and alkoxylated TMP's are used as multifunctional monomers to produce various coatings, Ethoxylated and propoxylated TMP, derived condensation of from TMP and the epoxides, are used for production of flexible polyurethanes.

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UROTUF F101-MPW-45 is a high solids anionic stabilized oil modified urethane polymer provided at 45% solids in a blend of N-methyl pyrrolidinone and water.

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m-Phenylenediamine is an aromatic amine. It is an isomer of o-phenylenediamine and p-phenylenediamine. It is used in the preparation various polymers including aramid fibers, epoxy resins, wire enamel coatings and polyurea elastomers. Other uses for m-phenylenediamine include as an accelerator for adhesive resins, and as a component for hair dyes and dyes for leather and textiles.

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1,4-Cyclohexanediol is an important intermediate for manufacturing of anti-cancer and anti-infective drugs - dihydroartemisinin and dihydroartemisitene dimers,copolyester resins.

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AROPLAZ 4097-WG4-55

AROPLAZ 4097-WG4-55 is a water-dispersible, acrylic-modified polyester resin for formulating low-VOC coatings crosslinked with aminoplast resins. It offers good stain, chemical and solvent resistance.

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AROPLAZ 6749-XA6-90

AROPLAZ 6749-XA6-90 is an economical, high-solids, saturated polyester resin offering an excellent hardness/flexibility relationship.

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Alpha-Methylstyrene is a chemical intermediate used in the manufacture of plasticizers, resins and polymers.It is a co-product formed in a variation of the cumene process.

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Aminobenzyl Alcohol

Aminobenzyl alcohol, is a clear, colorless liquid with a mild pleasant aromatic odor.It features also good solvency, low toxicity and low vapor pressure. It is used as a general solvent for inks, paints, lacquers, epoxy resin coatings, and as a degreasing agent in cleaning as well as for chemical reaction process.

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BITONER C5 BT-1200H is slightly yellow color C5 thermoplastic aliphatic resin with higher melt viscosity, used for hot melt adhesives, rubber compounds and hot melt road marking paints. Characterized by wide compatibility with NR, APAO and other polymers, it is used in variety of applications.

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C 5 Petroleum Resin

C 5 Petroleum Resin is a thermoplastic resin obtained from mainly polymerizing unsaturated aliphatic 1,3-Pentadiene (1,3-piperlene) , isoprene and dicyclopentadiene, etc. It is not a high polymer, but low polymer with the molecular weight range of 300-3000. It has certain advantages of low acid value, good miscibility, waterproof, ethanol resistance and chemical resistance and other characteristics of acid resistance, chemical stability in acid-bases, adjustment in viscosity, good thermal stability, weather resistance and light aging resistance because of non-polar groups in its structure. It can be used in hot melt adhesives, adhesives, and rubber and tire fields especially in radial tire with the effects of not only increasing adhesion between particles but also improving adhesion between particles and cord; in hot melt adhesives, adhesives fields.

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