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C 5 Petroleum Resin

C 5 Petroleum Resin is a thermoplastic resin obtained from mainly polymerizing unsaturated aliphatic 1,3-Pentadiene (1,3-piperlene) , isoprene and dicyclopentadiene, etc. It is not a high polymer, but low polymer with the molecular weight range of 300-3000. It has certain advantages of low acid value, good miscibility, waterproof, ethanol resistance and chemical resistance and other characteristics of acid resistance, chemical stability in acid-bases, adjustment in viscosity, good thermal stability, weather resistance and light aging resistance because of non-polar groups in its structure. It can be used in hot melt adhesives, adhesives, and rubber and tire fields especially in radial tire with the effects of not only increasing adhesion between particles but also improving adhesion between particles and cord; in hot melt adhesives, adhesives fields.

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C-9 Petroleum Resin

C-9 Petroleum Resins is a kind of thermal plasticizing resin produced by C5, C9 fraction, by-products of petroleum cracking, through pretreatment, polymerization and distillation. It is not a high polymer but a low polymer with the molecular weight between 300-3000.It has the chemical stabilizing property to acid and alkaline, viscosity adjusting and thermal stabilizing.C-9 Petroleum Resins are not used independently, but have to be used together with other kinds of resins as promoters, adjusting agents and modifiers.C-9 Petroleum Resins are used in paint to increase brightness, adhesive force, film hardness, acid resistance and alkali resistance, in adhesive to increase adhesiveness, resistance to acid, alkaline and water, in rubber compounding to used as takifier, reinforcer, extender, and lower moony viscosity of compounds, In printing Inks for color spreading, fast drying, and brightening effect. It is a granular solid with color from light yellow to brown. It has the properties of good solubility, indissolubility, water resistance, insulation and very good chemical stability over acid and alkali. It can be substitute for rosin, synthetic, hot melt adhesive and even suitable for other modified resin.

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DION IMPACT 9102 GP is an Epoxy Vinyl-ester resin of low viscosity and excellent performance in corrosive environments (acids, alkalis and bleaches) at various temperatures. DION IMPACT 9102 GP also has a clear color, facilitating the visual inspection of the finished parts.

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ENVIROLITE 31325-00 is an un-promoted, medium reactive, low viscosity unsaturated polyester molding resin derived in part from natural resources. The ENVIROLITE 31325-00 was developed to incorporate new raw materials based on renewable resources. It is specifically, this product is based on Soya Oil resin and has a “green” content of 25%. ENVIROLITE 31325-00 is intended as a general purpose molding resin for SMC, BMC, and Pultrusion applications. The soy resin yields laminates with mechanical properties/performance that are similar to standard SMC, BMC, and pultrusion resins.

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EPOTUF 10-503 TMPTA is a reactive acrylic-epoxy resin, diluted in TMPTA (Trimethylolpropane Triacrylate) in an 85:15 ratio. This resin is characterized by its high brightness, firmness, high resistance to different solvents and abrasion. EPOTUF 10-503 TMPTA has low toxicity levels and high curing velocity. It has also good adherence and compatibility with additives and waxes. EPOTUF 10-503 TMPTA resin is especially developed for manufacturing dyes and cured varnishes through UV radiation, applied in offset, serigraphy, metal and other printing systems.

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Epilox T 19-32-1000

Epilox T 19-32-1000 is a modified, low viscosity epoxy resin with reduced crystallization tendency. It has a viscosity at 25 Celsius (Pa·s) of 1 - 1.3 and an epoxy equivalent weight of 170 - 185 grams. Epilox T 19-32/1000 is used in solventless coatings, adhesives, mortars, polymer concretes, and coatings in civil and mechanical engineering.


Hydroxyacetonitrile is a odorless colorless oil with a sweetish taste. Used in the manufacture of intermediates in pharmaceutical production, as a component of synthetic resins, as a chemical intermediate for organic compounds, and as a solvent it is used to produce glycin, creatine, indigo dye, intermediate of glyphosate (pesticide).


Iminodiacetonitrile used for synthesis of herbicide glyphosate,as an important fine chemical intermediate,and also used in dyes, electroplating, water treatment, synthetic resins.

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Pentaerythritol is the organic compound. This white, crystalline polyol with the neopentane backbone is a versatile building block for the preparation of many polyfunctionalized compounds such as the explosive PETN and pentaerythritol tetraacrylate. Derivatives of pentaerythritol are components of alkyd resins, varnishes, PVC stabilizers, tall oil esters, and olefin antioxidants.

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Technicure TDU-200M

Technicure TDU-200M is a substituted urea. Technicure TDU-200M is used as a dicyandiamide (DICY) accelerator in one-component epoxy resin based formulations. Typically the product is used with epoxy resin and dicyandiamide between 1-3 phr. The loading level of an accelerator will provide balance of low temperature reactivity and formulation shelf stability.

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