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VOXCO EPOXY RESIN VO-ER-1100 is a medium-viscosity unmodified liquid epoxy resin based on Bisphenol-A. VOXCO EPOXY RESIN VO-ER-1100 is a general purpose epoxy resin suitable Adhesives, Casting and Tooling, Composites, Automotive Coatings, Can and Coil Coatings, Marine & Protective Coatings, Photocure Industrial Coatings.

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VOXCO EPOXY RESIN VO-ER-2075 is a medium molecular weight epoxy resin based on Bisphenol. VOXCO EPOXY RESIN VO-ER-2075 resin is a low molecular weight epoxy resin solution formulated with polyamine or polyamide hardeners to form an excellent base for many high quality chemical resistant coatings. VOXCO EPOXY RESIN VO-ER-2075 is a general purpose epoxy resin suitable use in Automotive Coatings, Can Coatings, Coil Coatings, Marine & Protective Coatings.

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2-methoxyethyl isothiocyanate

2-methoxyethyl isothiocyanate is used in manufacturer of methacrylate resins.

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Coumarone Resin Technical 99%

TCR100 Coumarone Resin is dark granule or flake thermoplastic resin, produced by ethylene and carbon fraction of C9 fractions, coal tar and ethylene re-tar distillates as raw materials, mainly used in rubber, tyre, ink, paint, adhesive, etc.


Product Specification:



Test Method


Specification Range




Dark granule or flake

Softening Point



Color No.(Gardner)

ASTM D1544



Ash Content




Acid Value




Bromine No

ASTM D1492





A. Rubber and Tyre

Coumarone Resin has a good miscibility with natural rubber particles ,and the rubber vulcanization process is not a big impact. Coumarone resin can play a tackifying, reinforcing and softening effect in rubber and tyre.

B. Paint

Coumarone Resin can increase paint film adhesion, hardness, acid and alkali resistance.


 Package: 25kg kraft paper bag



 All resins with low softening point present a risk of solidifying or lump. For  softening point less or equal to 110℃,we suggest you keep resin in a cool (25℃ max)  ventilated place and avoid direct sunshine.






Ethylene Glycol Diethyl Ether

Ethylene Glycol Diethyl Ether used as the solvent for nitrocellulose, painting and printing ink. It can be used as paint deleting solvent, levelling agent for fiber and leathers, synthetic resin. It can also used used as solvent for crylic acid resin, methyl crylic acid resin, epoxy resin, nitryl cellulose and ethylene cellulose as well as extraction agent for medicine industry, lubricant additive, paint deleting agent.

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Hexadecenylsuccinic Anhydride

Hexadecenylsuccinic anhydride is used as corrosion inhibitor, viscosity improver in lubricants, gelling agent in greases, epoxy resin curing agent, alkyd resin modifier, surfactant, chemical Intermediate for esters, amides, imides etc., and paper sizing agent.

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Propylene Glycol Monostearate

Propylene Glycol Monostearate is the main material for making unsaturated polyester resin,and used also as the material for plasticizer, surface, active agent .

Synperonic alkoxylate polyols

Synperonic alkoxylate polyols is used in a variety of polyester and epoxy derivatives, providing an exceptional combination of hardness and flexibility, along with very good adhesion to metal, superior corrosion and general chemical resistances.

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Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride

Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride is a high heat, corrosion resistant chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC) material. Its most common application is in single-family and multifamily hot and cold water distribution systems. Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride can also be used for residential fire sprinkler systems, gray water systems, reclaimed water, chemical drain waste systems, industrial processing, and commercial and high-rise construction. It can withstand corrosive water at temperatures greater than PVC, typically 40°C to 50°C (104°F to 122°F) or higher.It can be used (depending on chemistry) up to 180º F. Corzan® CPVC conforms to ASTM-D-1784-95 Class 23447-B (formerly Type IV Grade 1) and is manufactured without fillers or plasticizers. It exhibits excellent fire properties UL-94V-0 and flame spread less than 20 per ASTM E-84.

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Ethylene Glycol Dimethacrylate

Ethylene glycol dimethylacrylate is a diester formed by condensation of two equivalents of methacrylic acid and one equivalent of ethylene glycol.It is used in free radical copolymer crosslinking reactions. When used with methyl methacrylate, it leads to gel point at relatively low concentrations because of the nearly equivalent reactivities of all the double bonds involved.

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