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Aradur 835

Aradur 835 is used for absolutely non-blush solvent based coatings.

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Aradur 847

Aradur 847 is used for solvent free coatings for lining containers in contact with potable water and non-fatty food.

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CF Neutral

CF Neutral is a polymer seed film used in agriculture applications.

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CNSL Resin

CNSL Resin is CNSL base mortar supplied in two components (resin & filler) recommended as bedding and jointing material for acids, alkalies, salts resisting brick/tile lining work on floor, drains, effluent treatment plants, reaction vessels etc. CNSL Resin can also be used as jointing material in mandana stone lining work. It is also most suitable mortar as jointing compound of S.W. pipes transporting acids, alkalies and industrial wastes containing corrosive chemicals.

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Hindon India Pvt Ltd is chemical distribution company supplying Chloroform a heavy, ethereal odoured, colorless, sweet-smelling, and dense liquid. This organic compound has the chemical formula of CHCl3. It is the precursor to various refrigerants, and Teflon compounds. Industrially chloroform is produced using the chemicals chlorine, chloromethane, and methane. As a solvent, chloroform is used to produce pesticide formulations, fats, oils, alkaloids, and resins. Buy Chloroform online from the best quality certified supplier at a reasonable price.


Diene 70AC

Diene 70AC is an alkyl lithium polymerized polybutadiene, featuring excellent color and low gel. It has the highest solution viscosity of the three standard types (35AC and 55AC being the others), and contains a non-volatile antioxidant system. Diene 70AC imparts superior toughness and lower gloss when used as a grafted impact modifier for thermoplastic resins.

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Epodil LV5

Epodil LV5 is a chemically inert, low viscosity liquid hydrocarbon resin. Epodil LV5 acts as a surface tension reducer, as a pigment wetting aid, and as an adhesion promoter. It improves trowel ability.

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GAYFUR -CC furfural resin cement mortar, it is best resistant cement against hydro fluoric (HF) acid, Florid salt, Phosphoric acid, Nitric and other strong alkalise. When caustic lay and sulphuric acid are together (Aqua Regia) this mortar works excellently. GAYFUR S- CC is best where high thermal and erosion resistance required especially in floor, sumps, neutralization pits (ETP), of Pickling area of steel plants, chemical process industries, fertilizers, and petrochemicals, With Carbon brick or Red mandana stone, joining of acid resistance stone ware pipes etc.GAYFUR - CC is very by effect of temperature of surrounding atmosphere.

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GAYNUT - Y is a Silica filled, cashew-nut oil base resin.GAYNUT - Y is resistant to a wide range of acid, alkalise, water, hydrofluoric acid up to 40% concentrations: GAYNUT-Y provides an excellent Protection against hydrofluoric and nitric acids in the treatment of stainless steel.GAYNUT - Y can be used in laying and pointing of acid proof bricks and tiles for the construction of acid and alkali resistant tank linings, flooring surfaces, GAYNUT - Y can be safely used as jointing material for jointing pipes line transporting corrosive fluids like alkalies, solvents, acids and oils.

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Glycoluril is the heterocyclic nitrogen containing compound, mainly uses as the bactericide Tetrachloroglycine urea, flame retardant agent of synthetic materials and slow-release nitrogen fertilizer, used in the synthesis of Glycoluril resin, other glycoluril derivatives.

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