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Ameztreat-720 is an alkalinity builder. It also contains organic dispersants and antifoam. Ameztreat-720 is used for imparting alkalinity to boiler water or for correcting the pH of low alkalinity waters.Ameztreat-720 is applied to maintain the boiler water alkalinity within limits to be established by WEX, to suit the operating conditions. Ameztreat-720 may be injected using a dosage pump, dosage pot or directly into the feed tank (whichever is appropriate to the particular plant).

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Clean Tace 8204

Clean Tace 8204 is low foaming cleaning solution formulated to remove silt & organic foulants such as Colloidal silica, Clay, Organic color & Bacterial slime from thin film composite membranes. Clean Tace 8204 is well formulated buffered solution which prevents the pH limits of a membrane being exceeded in the event of misapplication. Clean Tace 8204 should not be used on cellulose acetate membranes, as irreversible damage can occur.

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Clean Tace 8205

Clean Tace 8205 has been developed for the cleaning of reverse osmosis, nano-filtration and ultra-filtration membranes. Its formulation is based on an anionic surfactant and is most effective in removing colloidal and other organic matter.

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DOSCALE-65 is highly beneficial as calcium sulphate inhibitor. DOSCALE-65 do not contain phosphates and other chelants. Furthermore, DOSCALE-65 product have high dispersion of calcium carbonate in presence of alkalinity (upto 750) and higher pH upto (10).DOSCALE-65 is compatible to all RO membranes, effective at ph 5-9.

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Gramicid-101 (RO Antiscalant): It works as an antiscalent & antifoulant for reverse osmosis systems. It is Specially Designed to Inhibit Inorganic Scale Formation in the Membrane Separation System. It Controls Inorganic Scales of Elements Commonly Found in Surface, Ground and Sea Water. Continuous use of Gramicid-101 reduces membrane-scaling tendencies thereby giving sustained performance for a longer time and reducing unscheduled shutdowns and cleaning costs.

Gramicid – 101 controls inorganic scales of elements commonly in surface, ground and sea water. It is a liquid antiscalant & antifoulant for reverse osmosis systems.Continuous use of Gramicid -101 reduces membrane-scaling tendencies thereby giving sustained performance for a longer time and reducing unscheduled shutdowns and cleaning costs.

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Gramicid-102 (RO Antiscalant for High TDS): It works as an antiscalent & antifoulant for reverse osmosis systems.  It is specially formulated for Silica inhibition and to Inhibit Scale Formation in the Membrane Separation System. It is a Highly Effective Liquid Antiscalent, Specially Formulated for Feed Water with Higher Levels of Silica and Metal Oxides. It Controls Silica Scales and fouling due to metal oxide thereby giving sustained performance for a longer time and reducing unscheduled shutdowns and cleaning costs.

Gramicid-121 works as an alkaline base cleaner for RO membrane. It is specially formulated blend of cleaners for removal of carbonate, metal oxide and sulfate scales of Barium, Strontium and Calcium in reverse osmosis systems.Gramicid – 121 effectively removes these barium scales and also sulfate scales of Strontium and Calcium. It also remove organic and dead biological matter.

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The use of GRAMICID-PHB replaces soda ash and lime in water treatment. It has many advantages from the standpoint of pH control and softening.

The method for chemical treatment of water will vary considerably based on the water analysis and the quality of water desired. In many plants, the use of

GRAMICID-PHB may be the only chemical required to give the desired properties.

pH Adjustment:-

The pH of water using GRAMICID-PHB may be either adjusted before sedimentation and filtration, or after filtration, or both-depending upon the characteristics and the optimum pH of flocculation. Generally pH adjustments need be made only after filtration to prevent the corrosion of the pipelines of the distribution system.

GRAMICID-PHB used for pH adjustment, and each has its special advantages. However, for ease of handling, cleanliness of operation and ease of control, as well as an absence of hardness increase, the feeding of GRAMICID-PHB is best. The amount of these chemicals to raise the pH will vary with the specific water being treated,

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Genesol 30

Genesol 30 is a fast acting microbicide for use in cleaning Reverse Osmosis and Nanofiltration membrane systems. It can be used both on and off line to eliminate microbiological fouling. It is effective against most micro-organisms, compatible with all membrane types,easily deactivated to harmless by-products. Genesol 30 is corrosive to carbon steel and certain other metals and alloys. Dosing pumps, tanks and pipe-work should be constructed using acid resistant materials.

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Memkleen 4020

Memkleen 4020 has been developed as a general purpose membrane cleaner. It is effective against most organic foulants typically found in reverse osmosis systems.Memkleen 4020 is effective against aluminium based foulants.

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Memprochem 1100

Memprochem 1100 is a multifunctional antiscalant for reverse osmosis systems, highly effective in preventing silica scale formation on membrane surfaces. Memprochem 1100 is effectively controlling calcium carbonate, strontium sulphate, barium sulphate, iron oxide and calcium fluoride scale formation. Memprochem 1100 is an aqueous solution of organic acids, and is corrosive in its concentrated form.

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