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TXNH-1000 improves the bond strength between rubber and reinforcing materials such as nylon, polyester, polyamide, vinylon, and cotton and rayon fabric cord. Moreover, improve the adhesion of finished product, thus enhance the durability and high speed of tires. TXNH-1000 promote the homogenizing dispersing performance of carbon black and other ingredients in rubber compounds. It shorten the mixing time, reducing consumption, etc.

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Tridecanes are generally light, combustible colourless liquids. They are used in the manufacture of paraffin products, in the paper processing industry, in jet fuel research and in the rubber industry. In chemical research, n-tridecane is used as a solvent and distillation chaser.

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WESTCO BZ is a rubber accelerator for natural and synthetic rubber and latex. It provides fast cures at low temperatures.

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Zeolex 23

Zeolex 23 is sodium magnesium aluminosilicate based semi-reinforcing agent for molded rubber goods.


ACMENOX BL is a liquid antigradant and its addition in rubber compounds imparts better processing characteristics essential for extrusion and calendaring operations. ACMENOX BL being a liquid, enhances the tack and tack retention of rubber compounds and provides advantages of consistency of viscosity essential for dimensional control. Usage of it provides good ageing properties in finished rubber products and enhance life and reliability of the products in actual service.

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Allylamine is the simplest stable unsaturated amine.It is used as intermediates for ion exchange resins, pharmaceuticals, water soluble polymers, herbicide softeners, rubber chemicals, polymerization initiators and cross-linking agents.

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Antiox BSF

Antiox BSF is a non-staining, medium-hi-activity antioxidant.

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Butanamide is the amide of butyric acid.It is mainly used in the coloring of coatings, inks, plastic and rubber products.

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Cohedur RK

Cohedur products consist of an elastomeric matrix and a reinforcing material. The elastomeric matrix has relatively low tear strength but high elongation which provides elasticity. The reinforcing material has high tear strength and low elongation which provides dimensional stability.Cohedur bonding agents enhance adhesion by physical and chemical interaction.

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