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Deoflow 821

Deoflow 821 is a zinc-free and water-free lubricant, dispersing, and mold release agent for use with FPM, ACM, and H-NBR rubber. It is effective against mill sticking and has a positive influence on flow and release in the injection mold process.

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Diene 140ND

Diene 140ND is a neodymium high cis polybutadiene having low Mooney viscosity and a non-staining antioxidant stabilizer system. Diene 140ND can be used in a number of applications including tire treads, sidewalls, golf balls, and many mechanical rubber goods.

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Dispergum K

Dispergum K is a processing aid based on zinc soap used in various elastomers as a lubricant and to reduce compound viscosity. Dispergum K suitable for extrusion, microcellular rubber, and for injection and transfer molding.

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Dispergum R

Dispergum R is a processing aid which acts as lubricant and shows a reducing effect on viscosity. It facilitates mixing and processing, saves energy by cooler mixing process and lower viscosities and improves the dispersion of filler and other ingredients.

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FINNFIX CMC is a highly-purified, cold water soluble polymer derived from cellulose. FINNFIX CMC is a versatile, cost effective way to add viscosity and obtain water holding. FINNFIX CMC is produced in a wide range of viscosity grades, with resulting flow properties ranging from nearly Newtonian to pseudoplastic. FINNFIX CMC is considered one of the best rheology modifiers, as it provides binding strength and OBA carrying thus reducing the total formulation cost. FINNFIX CMC being one of the most versatile co-binders and rheology modifiers in coating formulations for quality papers and functional paperboards, has positive effects on both end paper properties and on-machine coating process.

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LOWINOX CPL is an excellent non-discoloring, non-staining antioxidant, possessing high activity and low volatility. Lowinox® CPL is highly recommended for the protection of isoprene and butadiene-based polymers. Lowinox® CPL is highly resistant to extraction by washing and boiling making it especially suitable for use in rubber threads and latex for carpet backing and foams. Lowinox® CPL can be prepared as an aqueous dispersion for easier handling and addition to water-based systems.

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LOWINOX WSP combines excellent nonstaining, nondiscoloring properties with outstanding antioxidant protection in a wide range of elastomers, polyolefins and other plastics. It also offers good protection against degradation due to copper contamination. Aqueous applications can be made for latex applications.


NAUGARD XL1 is a unique antioxidant which incorporates a metal deactivation functionin the same product.

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