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Saret SR516

Saret 516 coagent is a difunctional, low color, low staining, scorch retarding coagent that contains non-nitroso inhibitor packages. When incorporated into peroxide cure natural and synthetic rubber systems, the product improves mechanical and performance properties.

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Sorbic Acid

Sorbic acid is a is a natural organic compound.It is a white crystalline powder which is an unsaturated fatty acid.It is used as preservatives in wide range of food products as well as in their packaging materials.It is used as an additive in rubber industry to improve milling characteristics,auxiliary material in pharmaceuticals.Sorbic acid is an effective inhibitor of the growth of most moulds, yeasts and many bacteria. It is widely employed in beverage, dairy and other food applications to prevent microbiological growth and extend the normal shelf life of the product.

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TDCURE TMTD is used as a primary or secondary (ultra) accelerator in multiple blend accelerator systems with thiazoles and sulfenamides. It is also used as a vulcanizing agent (sulfur donor) in most of the sulfur cured elastomers. It can be used in NR, IR, BR, SBR, CR, and EPDM.

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TDCURE ZDBC is a very fast primary or secondary (ultra) for natural and synthetic rubber. It is also a very rapid accelerator for NR and SBR lattices. Additionally it is an antioxidant in rubber adhesive systems. It is used both in extended and moulded good.

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TDCURE ZDEC is a very fast primary or secondary (ultra) accelerator for natural and synthetic rubber. It is also a very rapid accelerator for NR and SBR latticed. Additionally it is used as an antioxidant in adhesive systems. It is also used in balloons, latex, mattresses, contraceptives surgical gloves, dipped gloves, rubber threads and rubber bands.

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Tinuvin 770

Tinuvin 770 is a low molecular weight hindered amine light stabilizer (HALS) for applications demanding particularly high light stability. It provides excellent light stability for thick sections but can also be used for articles with a high surface area such as films and tapes. Tinuvin 770 is used as an additive in water and solvent borne coatings, plastic, adhesives and rubber. Tinuvin 770 is recommended to be used in polypropylene, impact modified PP (TPO), EPDM, polystyrene, impact polystyrene, ABS, SAN, ASA, polyurethanes, and is also effective in polyamides and polyacetals. Tinuvin 770 is a low molecular weight hindered amine light stabilizer that provides excellent light stability for thick sections and films in the recommended substrates. Benefit of using Tinuvin 770 is the high light-stabilizing performance, particularly in PP thick sections to protect the surface. It has broad compatibility and can be easily dispersed.

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Vistalon™ ethylene propylene diene (EPDM) rubber is used in a wide variety of applications ranging from automotive hoses, belts and weatherseals to gaskets, roof sheeting and glazing seals to wire and cable insulation.

Vulkanol OT

Vulkanol OT synthetic plasticizers are required as active ingredients to adjust the properties of vulcanizates, for example, to reduce hardness, modulus and tensile strength or to increase ultimate elongation and resilience. As a processing aid, plasticizers reduce compound viscosity and improve flow during processing, which results in lower processing temperatures and power consumption.

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WESTCO 6PPD is used mainly in the manufacture of tires, rubber shoes and other technical goods. It is a very effective antioxidant and antiozonant for NR and SR. It provides protection against flex cracking and heat aging. It provides excellent incorporation and easy handling.

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WESTCO OBSH is a non-staining, non-discoloring blowing agent for rubber and plastics. It has a low decomposition temperature allowing it to be used without activators.

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