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WESTON 618F phosphite is a phosphite that is a highly effective color and molecular weight stabilizer for polyolefins, polyesters, elastomers, styrenics, engineering thermoplastics, and adhesive formulations.WESTON 618F also contributes to the thermal and UV stability of these polymers. WESTON 618F product is available in a flake form.

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WESTON DPDP is used as a color and processing stabilizer.

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Westco ZBEC

Westco ZBEC is a dithiocarbamate accelerator for rubber compounds. It is typically used to replace more conventional dithiocarbamates in compounds to reduce or eliminate the generation of potentially hazardous nitrosamines during the vulcanization process.

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Zeopol 8745

Zeopol 8745 is silicon dioxide based highly dispersible reinforcing agent for rubber products.


o-Toluidine is a synthetic chemical. It is used primarily in the manufacture of dyestuffs, although it is also used in the production of rubber chemicals, and pesticides and as a curing agent for epoxy resin systems.

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2,5-Xylidine is an aromatic amine. It is widely used as raw materials to produce imaging chemicals like organic dyes and pigments. It is also used in the production of antioxidants, pharmaceutical, agricultural, rubber chemicals and other target organic molecules.

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3,4-Xylidine is an aromatic amine. It is used in the production of antioxidants, agricultural, pharmaceutical, rubber chemicals and other target organic molecules.

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BONDOGEN E is a high activity plasticizer, processing aid and peptizer based on a mixture of high molecular weight sulfonic acid and low viscosity mineral oil.

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Cyclopentane is a highly flammable alicyclic hydrocarbon.It consisting of a ring of five carbon atoms each bonded with two hydrogen atoms above and below the plane. It occurs as a colorless liquid with a petrol-like odor.It is used in the manufacture of synthetic resins and rubber adhesives and also as a blowing agent in the manufacture of polyurethane insulating foam.

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