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Carbon black

Carbon black is a material produced by the incomplete combustion of heavy petroleum products such as FCC tar, coal tar, ethylene cracking tar, and a small amount from vegetable oil. Carbon black is a form of amorphous carbon that has a high surface-area-to-volume ratio, although its surface-area-to-volume ratio is low compared to that of activated carbon. It is dissimilar to soot in its much higher surface-area-to-volume ratio and significantly less PAH (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon) content. Carbon black is used as a pigment and reinforcement in rubber and plastic products.

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Coagulant WS

Coagulant WS heat sensitiser, when added to a latex formulation, serves to give this a controlled level of heat sensitivity. The heat or temperature sensitivity can be finely adjusted by varying the concentration of Coagulant WS.Added benefits of using Coagulant WS are accurate control of film thickness and absence of faults and blemishes. Coagulant WS has also utility as an aid to former release and as deforming agent.

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Cohedur® RS

Cohedur products consist of an elastomeric matrix and a reinforcing material. The elastomeric matrix has relatively low tear strength but high elongation which provides elasticity. The reinforcing material has high tear strength and low elongation which provides dimensional stability.Cohedur® bonding agents enhance adhesion by physical and chemical interaction.

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Cyclopentane is a highly flammable alicyclic hydrocarbon, consisting of a ring of five carbon atoms each bonded with two hydrogen atoms above and below the plane. It is used in the manufacture of synthetic resins and rubber adhesives and also as a blowing agent in the manufacture of polyurethane insulating foam, as found in many domestic appliances such as refrigerators and freezers, replacing environmentally damaging alternatives such as CFC-11 and HCFC-141b. More advanced technologies, such as computer hard drives and outerspace equipment employ multiply alkylated cyclopentane (MAC) lubricants because of their extremely low volatility.

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DURALINK HTS increases the retention of physical and dynamic properties on overcure, high temperature cure and during service by providing a hybrid crosslink which combines excellent thermal stability with dynamic flexibility. DURALINK HTS used in conjunction with conventional or Semi-E.V. sulfur-based curing systems in NR, IR, SBR and blends. DURALINK HTS may be used as a bonding promoter for rubber/brassed steel adhesion.

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Diethylamine is chemically classified as a secondary amine with strong ammonia-like odor containing the organic compound. The secondary amine having the formula C4H11N. Diethylamine has various uses in a wide variety of commercial products. Buy Diethylamine from Zhejiang Jianye Chemical Co., Ltd. to get the best quality chemicals offered by the top supplier of industrial chemicals.

Dispergum 24

Dispergum 24 is a mild peptizer for natural rubber and synthetic polymers. It consists of an oxidation catalyst combined with zinc salts of defined fatty acids. Dispergum 24 disperses rapidly and allows easy incorporation due to its good solubility in rubber. Dispergum 24 is especially suitable for dynamic applications such as engine mounts.

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Dispergum 36

Dispergum 36 is a peptizer for natural rubber and synthetic polymers. It is effective for a wide temperature range.

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Dispergum 40

Dispergum 40 is a zinc-free peptizer that is easily incorporated and dispersed in natural rubber and synthetic polymers.

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