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Dispergum 36

Dispergum 36 is a peptizer for natural rubber and synthetic polymers. It is effective for a wide temperature range.

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Dispergum 40

Dispergum 40 is a zinc-free peptizer that is easily incorporated and dispersed in natural rubber and synthetic polymers.

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Dispergum PT

Dispergum PT is a processing aid used in various elastomers as a lubricant and to reduce compound viscosity. It is a processing aid for a variety of elastomers used in tires, conveyer belts, and engine mounts.

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Duradene 706

Duradene 706 is a non-oil extended solution polymerized styrene-butadiene copolymer having 23.5% bound styrene and a non-staining antioxidant stabilizer system. It can be used as a replacement for SBR 1502 in most applications.

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Duradene 711

Duradene 711 is a non-oil extended solution polymerized styrene-butadiene copolymer having 18% bound styrene and a slightly staining antioxidant stabilizer system. Duradene 711 can be used in formulas with low black and oil loadings where good wear and hysteresis are desired.

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ERISYS GE-11 epoxidized para-tertiary butyl phenol, is an aromatic mono-epoxide. It is intended for use as reactive diluents for high viscosity epoxy resins and it is compatible at all concentrations with those resins. ERISYS GE-11's low vapor pressure, low odor and exceptionally low residual epichlorohydrin level make it ideally suited for environmentally difficult applications.

Emulvin® AS

Emulvin® AS is a highly effective dispersing agent for preparing stable aqueous dispersions of water insoluble solid ingredients and is used in latex compounding. This product can be used also as a dispersing agent in the production of vulcanization pastes.

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Emulvin® WA

Emulvin® WA emulsifier as an additive is an excellent stabilizer for synthetic polymer latices. The increased stability of the latex is needed to ensure that the latex is not coagulated by mechanical or chemical influences during the necessary processing steps in compounding and forming. Careful control of the dosage of Emulvin® WA enables a precise adjustment of when and how coagulation occurs, when this is desired after other processes are completed.Emulvin® WA is a useful tool on its own in the processing of synthetic latices.

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HA Latex 60%

HA Latex 60% Concentrate is obtained by centrifugation and preserved with a high amount of ammonia. It contains 60% Dry Rubber Content (DRC). It is the most common grade of latex used worldwide. HA Latex 60% gives excellent films of high clarity and has good adhesion characteristics as a binding agent when suitably compounded. After compounding, it has a wide application especially in dipped products, such as medical and industrial gloves, rubber threads, balloons, prophylactics (condoms), tubing, finger cots, etc. HA Latex 60% is also used as an adhesive for casting onto a backing substrate, such as for wood laminate and carpet, and for binding different types of materials.

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Huberpol 135

Huberpol 135 is silicon dioxide based semi-reinforcing agent for rubber goods.

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