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Millathane 76

Millathane 76 is a polyester millable urethane having improved processing properties over a wide Mooney viscosity range. Compounds can be compression, transfer, or injection molded in a hardness range of 30 to 90 Shore A. Millathane 76 can be vulcanized by either sulfur or peroxide cure systems.

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Millathane 97

Millathane 97 is a polyether millable urethane rubber having excellent wear properties, a high coefficient of friction and very good UV stability. This polyurethane rubber is designed for applications in shoe soling, roll coverings and other applications where transparency is brightly colored or decorative products are required.

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Millathane CM

Millathane CM is a polyether millable urethane rubber. It can be vulcanized with either sulfur or peroxide and can be easily processed on conventional rubber equipment. Vulcanizates of Millathane CM have outstanding abrasion resistance as well as a combination of other properties not found in other elastomers.

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Millathane HT

Millathane HT is a polyester, millable polyurethane which has the ability to withstand elevated temperatures. One typical shortcoming of polyurethanes in general is a loss of physical properties at temperatures over 180ºF (82ºC), Millathane HT has overcome this weakness.

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NURCHEM NDIBC used as an antioxidant in epichlorohydrin-compounds. Offers optimum aging properties in combination with WilLING NDMC.


NURCHEM TiBTD is a super accelerator and vulcanizing agent for NR.IR.BR.SBR.NBR and EPDM.Cost of TiBTD is much less than other low-nitrosoamine thiurams such as TBzTD.


PERKACIT SMEC has biocidal properties. It is used as ingredient in water treatment applications and rubber industry.It is effectively used in the sugar industry to prevent bacterial attack leading to the inversion of sugar and consequently reducing yields.

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PILCURE ZBzDC is a Non-Nitrosamine accelerator for latex and dry rubber based compounds.

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PLASTOGEN E is an effective liquid plasticizer and mild processing aid for all elastomers. It is based on a mixture of high molecular weight sulfonic acid and low viscosity mineral oil.

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Parkalink 900

Perkalink 900 is an antireversion agent which provides long term heat stability in sulfur vulcanized compounds by substituting stable, flexible carbon-carbon crosslinks for the sulfur crosslinks that are destroyed by reversion in the mold or during product service life. Perkalink 900 is used in most sulfur vulcanized polymers such as NR, IR, SBR, BR or blends of these elastomers to provide improved reversion resistance on overcure, used to allow the use of higher curing temperature for improved productivity without sacrificing performance properties. Perkalink 900 is used to control heat buildup and thermal degradation during product service life by maintaining crosslink density through the generation of thermally stable carbon-carbon crosslinks which compensates for the loss of reverted sulfur crosslinks. Perkalink 900 is used in high sulfur skim compounds to provide reduced heat generation and retention of adhesion to brass plated steel reinforcing materials as well as enhanced thermal aging resistance. Perkalink 900 is used in Exxpro bladder to reduce or eliminate sulfur, thus overcoming mold fouling. Perkalink 900 is regulated for use in articles in contact with food as specified under BgVV XXI. Perkalink 900 is not regulated for use in FDA food contact applications.

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