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2-Phenylphenol is an organic compound that consists of two linked benzene rings and a phenolic hydroxyl group. It is a biocide used as a preservative. The primary use of 2-phenylphenol is as an agricultural fungicide. It is generally applied post-harvest. It is a general surface disinfectant, used in households, hospitals, nursing homes, farms, laundries, barber shops, and food processing plants. It can be used on fibers and other materials. It is used to disinfect hospital and veterinary equipment. Other uses are in rubber industry and as a laboratory reagent. It is also used in the manufacture of other fungicides, dye stuffs, resins and rubber chemicals.

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2-Mercapto 4(5)-Methylbenzimidazole is a white crystalline powder.Easily soluble in water.Sealed and keep in room temperature for better storage.

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Actilease 3718

Actilease 3718 is a 100% solids active lubricant and an anti-stick agent. It can easily be washed off with soap and water.

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Akrofax™ 758

Akrofax™ 758 is an oil-resistant vulcanized vegetable oil. It was originally designed for millable urethanes but its usage has expanded to fluorocarbons, HNBR and other peroxide cured compounds where sulfur cannot be tolerated. It is also used in PVC to improve extrusion and flow properties.

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Akrowax™ 130

Akrowax™ 130 is a fully refined paraffin wax derived from petroleum. It is used in rubber to give ozone resistance. It inhibits cracking and frosting in NR, SBR, CR, and NBR, primarily at the lower temperatures that ozone attack may occur.

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Apcotex PC 400

Apcotex PC 400 is a speciality Styrene-Butadiene Latex with improved flexibility and used as an admixture in cement mortar and concrete. Apcotex PC 400 is manufactured by employing state-of-the-art emulsion polymerization technology ensuring product consistency. Apcotex PC 400 is belongs to Non carboxylated Acrylonitrile Butadiene Copolymer Latex. It is also used for manufacture of automobile gasket, brake shoe lining.

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Apcotex TX 400

Apcotex TX 400 is Styrene Butadiene Rubber Latex specially developed for textile finishing. Apcotex TX 400 is a versatile product for usage on a wide variety of fabrics such as polyester, nylon, their blends with cellulosics etc.

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Carbohydrazide is used as an oxygen scavenger in water treatment for boilers. It is an alternative to the hazardous and potentially carcinogenic hydrazine. Carbohydrazide reacts with oxygen to make water and nitrogen and urea. It also passivates metals and reduces metal oxides. It is widely used in the production of drugs, herbicides,rubber, plant growth regulators, and dyestuffs.

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