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Mycron-CB-6030 is widely used for bonding of loose fibers, carpet backing, third backing of carpet etc.

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Nipol DN508SCR

Nipol DN508SCR is a 70/30 fully-fluxed polyblend of medium-high acrylonitrile content.It is the improved ozone resistance and physical property version of P-70.

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REVERTEX HCE68 is a high solids natural rubber latex concentrate stabilised with ammonia and potassium hydroxide. It is produced by special process of concentration which yields a latex with a solid content typical of an evaporated or creamed concentrate, but with a nonrubber content typical of a centrifuged latex. It is suitable for applications requiring a latex of high solid content and in which it is desirable to have a non-rubber content lower than obtained with the grades of evaporated latex.

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Renacit® 9203

Renacit® mastication agents decrease the mastication time, and therefore the dump temperature, by a special chemical process. Hence, less power is consumed, mixer capacity is increased and costs are reduced. Renacit® is very efficient: only a very small amount is required.

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Rhenogran AP 8

Rhenogran AP 8 is an additive package for cross-linking synthetic rubber free from secondary amines. Rhenogran AP 8 can be used for cross-linking synthetic rubbers such as EPDM, NBR, etc.

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Rhenosin FH 70

Rhenosin FH 70 is a synthetic plasticizer for mixes based on natural and synthetic rubber. It increases the building tack of mixes based on synthetic rubber and improves processability. It has a good dispersing effect on carbon blacks and light colored reinforcing fillers. In general, it does not influence the storage stability and scorch tendency of mixes. It is widely used in technical rubber articles such as conveyor belts, raw edge V-belts, roller covers etc.

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Rhenosin VU 90

Rhenosin VU 90 is a plasticizer specially designed to improve the low temperature flexibility of NBR and CR vulcanizates. It gives the vulcanizates particularly good low-temperature flexibility and, at the same time, comparably good heat stability. As a primary plasticizer, it has excellent compatibility with all polymers, especially synthetic rubbers like NBR and CR. In addition, to exerting a plasticizing effect this product greatly increases the rebound resilience of the vulcanizates; it may therefore be termed an elasticator also. It is widely used in technical rubber goods based on synthetic or natural rubber.

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Rhenosin W 759

Rhenosin W 759 is a plasticizer to improve the low-temperature flexibility of elastomer vulcanizates. Owing to its flexibilising effect at low temperatures and its low vapor pressure at high temperatures Rhenosin W 759 can be used in rubber articles over a wide range of temperatures. Rhenosin W 759 is easy to disperse and has minimal effects on the physical properties of rubber compounds. It is compatible with CR, NBR, NR, SBR, ECO, EPDM, and IIR. It is widely used in technical rubber components.

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Royal Latex LA

Royal Latex LA Ammoniated Latex is high quality centrifuged Latex designed primarily for processes where low ammonia is preferred. The ammonia content of LA latex does not exceed 0.29%.The preservation system in Royal Latex LA consists of a low ammonia concentration in combination with Tetramethylthiuram Disulfide (TMTD) and zinc Oxide. Royal Latex LA is primarily used for the manufacture of dipped goods, coating adhesive and extruded rubber thread.

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SABIC EPDM 626 is high ethylene and low ENB grade produced by solution polymerization using metallocene catalyst. It has tailored molecular weight distribution. The characteristics are it has better physical properties, it has improved mixing and mill handling, it has improved calenderability, it has better oil retention and further has reduced cure bloom in compounds. Its typical application include in sheeting goods, roofing membranes and water proofing systems etc.

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