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Cold Vulcanizing Solution

Cold vulcanizing Solution is an ideal substitute of hot bonding method used for splicing and vulcanization of conveyor belt endless joint, Emergency Repairing, Reconditioning of old belts, Longitudinal cut repair, pulley Lagging and tank Iining at room temperature.

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Dibenzothiazole Disulfide

Dibenzothiazole disulfide is mainly used in manufacture of tires, rubber tubes, rubber shoes, rubber cloth and other technical rubber goods. It works as plasticizer and delayed action activitor in polychloroprene.

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Hydroxylammonium Chloride

Hydroxylammonium chloride is the hydrochloric acid salt of hydroxylamine. It is a biological intermediate in the nitrification and in the anammox which are important in the nitrogen cycle in soil and in wastewater treatment. It is used in organic synthesis for preparation of oximes and hydroxamic acids from carboxylic acids, N- and O- substituted hydroxyamines, and addition reactions of carbon-carbon double bond. In surface treatments, it is used in the preparation of anti-skinning agents, corrosion inhibitors, and cleaner additives. It is also a starting material for pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals manufacturing. In the rubber and plastics industries, it is an antioxidant, vulcanization accelerator, and radical scavenger. It is also used as a fixative for textile dyes, auxiliary in some dyeing processes, as a metal extraction and flotation aid, as an antioxidant in fatty acids and soaps, and as a color stabilizer and emulsion additive in color films.

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STRUKTOL Peroxide DBDB 60 is having higher peroxide content. It is widely used in crosslinking several polymers in the rubber industry, as well as acting as a viscosity reducer in polypropylene.

Silicone Emulsion LE-45AP

Silicone Emulsion LE-45AP is a non-ionic dimethyl silicone fluid emulsion. It is an extremely stable, water-thinned emulsion widely used as a release agent for rubber and plastic products. In particular, Silicone Emulsion LE-45AP is used in the production of rubber latex gloves.Silicone Emulsion LE-45AP is easy to use as an ingredient for the manufacture of dipped latex products, such as gloves.It also used as releasing agent for Rubber, Plastic, Household, Car Care and Polishing.

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P-Nitrosodiphenylamine is used as rubber vulcanization accelerator.


Eugenol is an allyl chain-substituted guaiacol. Eugenol is a member of the phenylpropanoids class of chemical compounds. It is a clear to pale yellow oily liquid extracted from certain essential oils especially from clove oil, nutmeg, cinnamon, basil and bay leaf. Eugenol is used in perfumeries, flavorings, essential oils and in medicine as a local antiseptic and anesthetic.[1] It is a key ingredient in Indonesian kretek (clove) cigarettes. It was used in the production of isoeugenol for the manufacture of vanillin, though most vanillin is now produced from phenol or from lignin. Eugenol derivatives or methoxyphenol derivatives in wider classification are used in perfumery and flavoring. They are used in formulating insect attractants and UV absorbers, analgesics, biocides, and antisepti

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Piperidine, hexahydropyridine, is a family of heterocyclic organic compound derived from pyridine through hydrogenation. It has one nitrogen atom in the cycle. It is a clear liquid with pepper-like aroma. It boils at 106 C, soluble in water, alcohol, and ether. The major application of piperidine is for the production of Dipiperidinyl dithium tetrasulfide used as a rubber vulcanization accelerator. In pharmaceutical synthesis industry, it is used as a special solvent and a protecting group for peptide synthesis. Piperidine derivative compounds are used as intermediate to make crystal derivative of aromatic nitrogen compounds containing nuclear halogen atoms.

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8-Hydroxyquinoline sulfate

8-Hydroxyquinoline sulfate is widely used as a parent compound to make drugs, fungicides, bactericides,biocides, alkaloids, dyes, rubber chemicals and flavoring agents. It have antiseptic, antipyretic, and antiperiodic properties.

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