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50% Titanium Dioxide Dispersion

50% Titanium Dioxide Dispersion is a white liquid with characteristic odour, which is widely used as a pigment in rubber compounds.

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Isopropylated Triaryl Phosphate

Isopropylated Triaryl Phosphate is mainly used for PVC resin and all kinds of plastics, synthetic rubber, and polymer materials flame retardant plasticizer.

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N,N'-1,3-Phenylene Bismaleimide

N,N'-1,3-Phenylene Bismaleimide is used in rubber processing for the curing agent. It can also be used for peroxide curing agent, as anti-scorching agent and tackifier, both for general-purpose rubber, also applies to special rubber and rubber and use system. It is a non-sulfur vulcanizing agent for rubber cable, it can replace thiazoles, thiuram and all sulfur vulcanizing agent. It can also be used as auxiliary curing agent.

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Sodium Dibenzylcarbamodithioate

Sodium Dibenzylcarbamodithioate is used as NR latex based compound in rubber industry.

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10% Potassium Caseinate Solution

10% Potassium Caseinate Solution is widely used as Latex stabiliser . It is stable under normal conditions.It easily reacts with Strong acids and strong bases.The residue of this emulsion may liberate toxic fumes in combustion.

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60% Calcium Carbonate Dispersion

60% Calcium Carbonate Dispersion is a grey,odourless liquid used as a filler/extender paper, textile, rubber,coatings and adhesives applications

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Bis(2,4-Dichlorobenzoyl)Peroxide is used as curing agent resin bolt, silicone rubber vulcanizing agent. DCBP paste curing agent for silicone rubber, products of high strength.

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Diisopropylbenzene Hydroperoxide

Diisopropylbenzene Hydroperoxide is used to make hydroquinone and resorcinol, as an initiator for cold SBR polymerization, and as a curing agent for polyester resins.

Dysprosium Powder Purified 99.9%

Dysprosium powder is gray fine particles, which is a kind of rare earth metal. Its size could be custom-made. It is stable in air. When close to o℃, dysprosium metal has superconductivity. At high temperature, it easy to oxidize by air and water, which form dysprosium(III) oxide. Dysprosium also have good property of optical, electric, magnetic and nuclear except common chemical activity of rare earth elements, as misch metal and compounds. It can also process into ingot, foil, sheet, rod, wire and sputtering target. There are two production method of Dy metal, distillation method and reducation method. The distilled dysprosium piece is dendritic with higher purity than reduced one. Dy ingot is of REM 99.9% by distillation method. Dy powder is of REM 99.9% and particle size -100mesh and -200mesh.

Dysprosium Powder

Purity: Dy/REM 99.9% 3N

CAS No.:7429-91-6 EINECS No.:231-073-9 Molecular Formula: Dy Molecular Weight:162.50
Melting Point:1407℃ Boiling Point:2335℃ Density:8.55  


Dysprosium metal is mainly for producing new lighting source dysprosium lamp. it is control material in reactor.  It is necessary metal raw material for terfenol.

Dy element is raw material for magnetic alloys Nd-Fe-B , infrared ray generator and laser materials.

Fluorescent powder need dysprosium as activating agent. Luminescent materials doping dysprosium can be as trichromatic phosphor.


Ethylenebistetrabromophthalimide is a flame retardant for rubber,polyolefins, high-impact polystyrene(HIPS) thermoplastic polyesters (PBT, PET,etc.), polycarbonate and elastomers.

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