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RUST-O-LEASE easily dismantles rusty machineries, bolts and nuts and all other fittings. It softens stubborn rust which helps quick dismantling without damaging parts. It has a very high penetrating power and quickly reaches the core where other fluids can never reach.It is useful in all workshops, garages, Ordinance Factories, Chemical Plants, Petroleum Refineries, Power Houses, Paper and sugar mills, Cold Storage Plants, Railways, Shipyards, Textile Mills etc and a must for all those who have machineries.

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ZAM-Anti-Rust protects the metal parts in your motor cycles, bicycles and automobiles from getting rusted. It is a quick drying liquid and forms a colourful protective coating on the metal part.

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Aladdin RP1080

Aladdin RP1080 is an oil-dispersed, thixotropic, all-purpose rust preventive formulated to provide excellent protection against rust and oxidation. Because of its thixotropic characteristics, it has the ability to become fluid with agitation enabling the residual film to be self-healing. It has protected ferrous and nonferrous parts for up to 5 years in indoor storage and 2-3 years stored outdoors under certain conditions. It can be sprayed or brushed for even coating of the surfaces.

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Ultramate 2400

Ultramate 2400 is an emulsifiable oil which contains a wax component for a more dry-to-the-touch film over phosphated work. The wax constituent also adds to lubricity and increases corrosion protection.

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Aladdin DWRP360

Aladdin DWRP360 is a solvent dispersed, all-purpose rust preventive formulated to displace water and provide excellent protection against rust and oxidation. It provides protection against fingerprints, dissimilar metals, and contact corrosion from dunnage and shipping wrappers. It dries to touch in 30 minutes and leaves a non oily slightly detectable film which does not interfere with typical gauging and inspection. It should be removed before coating, painting or plating with an alkaline cleaner or aromatic solvent.

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PRODUCTO RI-625 is a water-based corrosion inhibitor designed for the prevention of rust on cast iron and steel during storage and shipping. It is specifically designed for protecting bare metal areas of parts, tubing, piping, and equipment. It can be applied in a spray, dip or misting application. It may also be used as a rust inhibitor additive in an high pressure spray washer to boost rust inhibition of a process cleaner. It can be diluted with water in any proportion and can be used to treat wet parts.

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RUSTICLEAN - AV is a compound which accomplishes the three functions of cleaning, derusting and protecting metal in a single operation.

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Black Wax 14-A-2

Black Wax 14-A-2 is a wax emulsion that produces a hard, smooth, dry, black film. It provides moderate corrosion protection and can be used full strength or cut 50% with water. It can be used on all base metals.

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zinc phosphate

 used in various materials for waterproof, acid resistant or corrosion preventive coating. such as epoxy paint, acrylic paint, paste paint and water soluble resin paint in the fields of shipbuilding, automobile, industrial machinery, light metal hold appliances and metal containers for foods.

 also production of chlorinated rubber and flame retardants , for polymer materials, electronics, temperature glass, Adhesive sintering , additives of transparent ceramic.

RP Inhibitor 500P

RP Inhibitor 500P is a highly concentrated powdered rust inhibitor for use on ferrous metals. It can be used by immersion or spray at concentrations as low as 0.5 oz./gallon. It provides excellent indoor corrosion protection and contains nitrites.

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