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Dequest 2000EG

Dequest 2000EG is the electronics grade of Dequest 2000, a cost-effective scale inhibitor based on amino tri methylene phosphonic acid. Dequest 2000EG, produced to meet specific customer needs, contains very low metal levels and is recommended for efficient scale inhibition in applications where trace metal levels are required to be extremely low.

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Dequest 2010LC

Dequest 2010LC is a low chloride chelant and CaCO3 scale inhibitor is based on hydroxyl ethylidene (1, 1-diphosphonic acid). It is used in hydrogen peroxide and peracetic acid stabilization.

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Dequest 2016DG

Dequest 2016DG is noted for its excellent CaCO3 scale inhibition. It's a granular product which has excellent free flowing, handling properties and low dust content. It is used in household detergents, industrial and Institutional cleaners.

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PCHEM IS-28-70

PCHEM IS-28-70 is a concentrate to prepare water soluble scale inhibitors for control of calci um, barium, strontium or iron scales.It is used to formulate combination scale/corrosion inhibitors for cooling water, boilers, waterfloods or drilling systems. It is an effective scale inhibitor at very low dosages.PCHEM IS-28-70 can be diluted with water, water-alcohol or water-gl ycol mixtures for low freeze stability.It is used as is or diluted with small amounts of methanol or ethylene glycol for freeze point depressants.

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Polyman-Quad-1 is a unique Carboxylic-Sulphonate quadruple polymer used for various water treatment and industrial applications. It is highly effective as dispersant and scale inhibitor in industrial water treatment and cooling water treatment as well as in all types of water based formulations. The product Polyman-Quad-1 being a low molecular weight polymer has good antigelling capacity and so has best calcium trapping ability working over wide range of pH, high hardness and temperature without precipitation.

Aquatreat NB519

Aquatreat NB519 is a versatile molybdate zinc based corrosion and scale inhibitor for softened water, including a bromine pre-cursor.

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Memprochem 1100

Memprochem 1100 is a multifunctional antiscalant for reverse osmosis systems, highly effective in preventing silica scale formation on membrane surfaces. Memprochem 1100 is effectively controlling calcium carbonate, strontium sulphate, barium sulphate, iron oxide and calcium fluoride scale formation. Memprochem 1100 is an aqueous solution of organic acids, and is corrosive in its concentrated form.

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Scale Inhibitor

Scale Inhibitors are chemical compounds that inhibit or prevent scale formation by means of sequestering calcium and magnesium salts, dispersing silica, chelating iron and breaking-up clay and silt deposits. Using Scale Inhibitor is monetary profit to users for its round the year savings of power, labor and production. Use of it is a prime necessity to meet up with the huge production targets.

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TORRENT ISI-100 is a modified and fortified phosphate ester scale inhibitor. It physically alters scale crystal structures to reduce and prevent the formation of scale deposits. TORRENT ISI-100 will tolerate exposure to temperatures up to 275°F for up to two hours and in addition, this scale inhibitor can be formulated with corrosion inhibitors or neutralized if required.

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TORRENT ISI-178 is a scale inhibitor product in a water soluble package. It is highly effective against carbonate and sulfate scale in a wide range of conditions. TORRENT ISI-178 un-neutralized phosphate ester is suitable for applications in oil & gas well production, water supply wells, and water injection systems. TORRENT ISI-178 is easily monitored by phosphate test methods in produced fluids to maintain effective dosing and has excellent solubility and compatibility in most heavy brines below 180°F.

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