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KOOLRite 2365

KOOLRite 2365 is a new generation semi-synthetic, chemical emulsion that uses advanced cutting fluid technology to provide a new level of machining performance. KOOLRite 2365 outperforms heavy duty chlorinated soluble oils, semi- synthetics, and newer polymer-based synthetic coolants with a machining performance not seen in any competitive coolant. KOOLRite 2365 is designed for heavy duty/severe machining operations on all metals with excellent performance on tough aerospace alloys where high finish important. It has proven performance on metals with less than 15% machinability and high nickel alloys. KOOLRite 2365 is formulated with JTM’s unique BioArmor Technology which gives outstanding control of bacteria without the use of bactericides. BioArmor stops sump odors, gives you exceptionally long sump life and a clean, comfortable, safe work environment for machine operators. KOOLRite 2365 will reject tramp oils, allowing clean coolant to be delivered to the chip/tool interface keeping your machine tool clean with a minimum of residual film, while providing excellent corrosion control.

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SWEPCO 920 a high performance semi-synthetic coolant formulated for a wide range of light to heavy duty machining operations on both ferrous and non-ferrous stocks. SWEPCO 920 combines the benefits of soluble oil with shop cleanliness approaching that of a true synthetic, effective in a wide range of ferrous and non-ferrous applications including aluminum, excellent lubricity without chlorine, nitrites, phenols, sulfur or diethanolamine, premium additive chemistry prolongs sump life and reduces charging requirements, reduces friction, drag and tool wear, insures tight emulsion for proper distribution of oil and additive components in dilution.

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TRIM EP is a low oil, high-performance semichemical or semisynthetic product. While TRIM EP contains limited amounts of petroleum oil, it is a fully loaded semi using synthetic fats for wetting and lubricity, chlorine, and sulfur EP additives for BUE control. TRIM EP is most often used in heavy-duty production band sawing and drilling operations, it has found extensive use in the production grinding of hardened steel and stainless steel parts. TRIM EP as the mechanical lubricity necessary to provide protection to blade handling systems on high performance band sawing machines as well as the cooling and antiweld additives to optimize blade life. It offers particularly good performance when used in support of BZN grinding wheels in production grinding operations.

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TRIM MicroSol 485

TRIM MicroSol 485 is a long life semisynthetic, microemulsion coolant designed for ferrous metalworking operations and optimized for difficult working environments associated with cast iron. MicroSol 485 prevents leaching of elemental iron and thus eliminates clinkering and oxidation of ferrous micro fines. Formula delivers extended sump life versus previous generation semisynthetics. It provides excellent cooling along with the machine friendly characteristics you expect from TRIM coolants. MicroSol 485 is value-priced and specifically designed for use on ferrous metals. It contains no nitrites, triazines, phenols, chlorinated, or sulfurized EP additives, keeps machines very clean while leaving a soft fluid film for ease of cleaning and reduced maintenance.

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TRIM MicroSol 585

TRIM MicroSol 585 is a high lubricity, semisynthetic, microemulsion coolant. It provides excellent cooling and mechanical lubricity, along with the machine friendly characteristics you expect from a premium TRIM coolant. While it is particularly well suited for machining and grinding gray iron, it does very well in mixed metal situations. TRIM MicroSol 585 has proven to be an exceptional machining fluid for titanium alloys. TRIM MicroSol 585 has a Pratt & Whitney approval number (PMC 9362). It is compatible with a very wide range of material including cast iron, steels, copper, titanium, and aluminum alloys, and many plastics and composites, optimized combination of cooling and lubricity for titanium machining applications, provides superior corrosion inhibition on cast iron and eliminates “hot chip” and clinkering problems, Provides superior corrosion inhibition on all ferrous and nonferrous metals.

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XP 2000

XP 2000 is a high-performance, chlorine free, extreme pressure semi synthetic metal working coolant. It has been formulated for use in soft water as well as hard waters, and exhibits extremely low foam and excellent stability under a wide range of conditions. It is designed for use in most metalworking applications and is equally suitable for use in large centralised coolant systems and for small individual coolant sumps. It can be used across a wide range of machining applications, including milling, drilling, tapping, reaming, broaching, high speed grinding and creep feed grinding.

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