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CAS No.:4253-34-3 Structure:CH3Si (OOCCH3) 3 (M=220.3) Properties: 1.colorless to light yellow transparent liquid; 2.high purity product appears as white crystal at low temp., 3.has strong acetic acid smell. 4.Soluble in acetic anhydride. 5.Crosslink with water and generate acetic acid. Specification M.P.: 40.5? Boiling Range: 110?112?/17mmHg Specific gravity(25?): 1.16?1.17 g/ml Refractive Index(25?): 1.4045?1.4055 Purity: ?90.0% Usage:Mainly used in air-tight containers in cool and dry place. Package:In plastic drum or iron drum with plastic lining, net wt. 220kg


Please contact Methyltrimethoxysilane 1185-55-3 KBM-13 Z-6070 MTMS silane coupling agent Application 1. Mainly used as Crosslinking agent for RTV. 2. Used as surface treating agent of fiber glass and reinforced plastic laminate. To improve the mechanical strength,heat resistance and humidity resistance performance. 3. Also used to make inorganic surfaces hydrophobic and as a pigment treatment to aid indispersion Package 200L iron barrel with plastic bag in it. Please contact


Octadecyltrimethoxysilane is an organosilicon compound. It is used for preparing hydrophobic coatings and self-assembled monolayers. It is sensitive toward water, irreversibly degrading to a siloxane polymer.

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Gamma-Aminopropyltriethoxysilane is an aminosilane frequently used in the process of silanization, the functionalization of surfaces with alkoxysilane molecules. It can be used to covalently bond thermoplastics to poly(dimethylsiloxane).

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Please contact 2530-83-8 3-Glycidoxypropyltrimethoxysilane 98%min


Please contact 65799-47-5 3-glycidoxypropyldimethoxymethylsilane 98%

Vinyl modified polysiloxane Purified 100%

R-8501 is a vinylmethoxyethoxy polysiloxane, not only keeping good vinyl reactivity, but also constribute much more siloxane reactivity, could better react with filler surface so as to improve compatibility between filler and polymer. At the same time,as a flexible chain of Si-O bond, longer chain make better wettability which good help to filler dispersion.


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