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CAS No.:4253-34-3 Structure:CH3Si (OOCCH3) 3 (M=220.3) Properties: 1.colorless to light yellow transparent liquid; 2.high purity product appears as white crystal at low temp., 3.has strong acetic acid smell. 4.Soluble in acetic anhydride. 5.Crosslink with water and generate acetic acid. Specification M.P.: 40.5? Boiling Range: 110?112?/17mmHg Specific gravity(25?): 1.16?1.17 g/ml Refractive Index(25?): 1.4045?1.4055 Purity: ?90.0% Usage:Mainly used in air-tight containers in cool and dry place. Package:In plastic drum or iron drum with plastic lining, net wt. 220kg

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