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CV-9341 is a silicone grease thermally conductive.

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Carboxy Silicone Fluid

Carboxy Silicone Fluid is a carboxy modified silicone fluid that give excellent body without yellowing the fabric. Carboxy silicone fluid is also an excellent base fluid for formulations giving high body. It is recommended for use with LK-ASF fluids and LK-EMS 5110 to enhance the bulkiness and bounce of the fiber and to give a unique fall.It gives a soft handle and excellent body with unique fall.Carboxy Silicone Fluid can be easily converted into emulsions by using non-ionic emulsifiers. These emulsions can be used in textiles & leather to significantly increase the body of the fabric depending on the amount used.

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Chlorotrimethylsilane is a silyl halide. It has variety of uses in chemistry, both as a source of the trimethylsilyl group, and as an anhydrous source of chlorides. Chlorotrimethylsilane can also be used to increase the volatility of a compound, enabling gas chromatography of normally non-volatile substances such as glucose.

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Dichlorosilane is a chemical compound.In its major use, it is mixed with ammonia (NH3) in LPCVD chambers to grow silicon nitride in semiconductor processing.Dichlorosilane was originally prepared in 1919 by the gas-phase reaction of monosilane, SiH4, with hydrogen chloride, HCl, and then reported by Stock and Somieski.It was found that in the gas phase, dichlorosilane will react with water vapor to give a gaseous monomeric prosiloxane, H2SiO.Dichlorosilane is used as a starting material for semiconducting silicon layers found in microelectronics. Dichlorosilane is used because it decomposes at a lower temperature and has a higher growth rate of silicon crystals.It is a chemically active gas, which will readily hydrolyze and self ignite in air. Dichlorosilane is also very toxic, and preventative measures must be used for any experiment involving the use of the chemical.

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Dimethyl Silicone Fluid

Dimethyl Silicone Fluid is industrial grade silicone fluid. It is clear, low characteristic odor, Dimethyl polysiloxane fluids. It is soluble in hydrocarbon solvents, chlorinated hydrocarbon solvents and low molecular weight aromatic solvents. Dimethyl Silicone Fluid is used in polishes,plastics, rubber, paint&coating additives.

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Dow Corning 2-8177

Dow corning 2-8177 is 12 percent microemulsion of aminofunctional silicone polymers for use in hair care applications.

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Dow Corning 2-8194

Dow corning 2-8194 is 26 percent microemulsion of aminofunctional silicone polymers for use in hair care applications.

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Dow Corning 2-8197

Dow Corning 2-8197 Emulsion is a non-ionic emulsion of a reactive aminofunctional polydimethylsiloxane suitable to provide a "Fabric Care" benefit for rinse cycle fabric softeners.

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