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SilSense SW-12

SilSense SW-12 silicone is a dimethicone copolyol ester that is formed through the esterification of coconut fatty acid with dimethicone copolyol.SilSense SW-12 SilSense SW-12 silicone is a water-soluble liquid wax ester created by the reaction of coco fatty acid with an alkyloxy-modified polydimethylsiloxane. SilSense SW-12 silicone is an easy-to-formulate product which may be used to impart the conditioning benefits of silicone to personal care products without contributing to greasiness or build-up that is normally associated with water-insoluble silicone fluids. SilSense SW-12 is useful in clear systems,reduces emulsion particle size / stabilizes emulsions,enhances conditioning in salt-thickened shampoos and body washes.

Antifoam AF1206

Antifoam AF1206 is a highly active silicone emulsion based on activated polydimethylsiloxane. It has been specially formulated to prevent, control or destroy foam in liquid systems. Antifoam AF1206 can be used either as supplied or diluted with water to the desired concentration, depending on the characteristics of the system i.e. temperature, pH, volume of foaming/ foamable liquor, degree of agitation, composition and dosing system available.

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Dow Corning 520

Dow Corning 520 water repellent emulsion is a silane/siloxane emulsion blend, dilutable in water to formulate a water repellent.

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Dow Corning 939

Dow Corning 939 is a 35% cationic emulsion of an aminofunctional silicone polymer containing a non-tallow surfactant for use in hair care applications.

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Dow Corning DSP

Dow corning DSP is 10 % active silicone emulsion that exhibits outstanding dilution stability as well as excellent foam control persistance over a wide pH and temperature range.

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Dow Corning Z70

Dow corning Z70 emulsion is used as a hydrophobic additive in silicone resin based render and coating formulations known to have high moisture vapor permeability and good liquid water repellency. Also used for Admixture for cementitious based product with improved water resistance.

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Emulsion EM1035

Emulsion EM1035 is a water dilutable 31 % silicone fluid emulsion, employed as a releasing agent for rubber and generally plastic materials. In art graphic industry it is mainly used as antistatic and slip agent, it confers resistance to scratching during paper folding processes and protection to mechanical components. Emulsion EM1035 has been formulated specially as a release agent and lubricant in a wide range of applications. Emulsion EM1035 can be used either as supplied or diluted with water to the desired concentration, depending on the characteristics of the release and lubricant properties desired.

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Si-Tec PTM 1000

Si-Tec PTM 1000 is a shine enhancing additives for hair care products and excellent emolliency and lubricity in skin care products with good organic compatibility.

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Dow Corning 2418

Dow Corning 2418 Emulsion has been specially formulated for a wide variety of uses as a release agent. In particular, the silicone oil phase is compatible with many organic finishing agents (paints/coatings) and hence some traditional properties of silicone release agents are improved.

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Dow Corning 7305

Dow Corning 7305 is a 5 percent active silicone emulsion designed to control foam in aqueous systems over wide pH and temperature ranges.

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