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Liquid paraffin, also known as paraffinum liquidum, is a very highly refined mineral oil used in cosmetics and for medical purposes.

Gamma Poly-Glutamic Acid FOOD GRADE >90%

Gamma Poly-glutamic acid (γ-PGA) is a natural occurring, multi-functional, and

biodegradable biopolymer. It is produced through fermentation by Bacillus subtilis using glutamic acid. PGA is consists of glutamic acid monomers crosslinked between α-amino and γ-carboxyl groups, and the molecular weight of PGA is usually between 500~5,000 kDa. It is water-soluble, edible and non-toxictowards human, and is environment friendly. It has broad applications in the fields of medicine, food, cosmetics, and water treatment.

Ethyl Ferulate Complex Purified 40 +/- 2 %


free radical scavenger; UV-A /UV-B blocker, skin soothing / calming; anti-oxidant; enhancer for lipid solubility; enhancer for bioavailability

The properties of Ethyl Ferulate Solution are much more efficient compared to other related phenolic acids.         The benefits of the ready Ethyl Ferulate Solution are e.g.the better dosage in the finished form, already after a short mixing time the formulation is perfectly homogenous.

Sorbitan Laurate20/40/60/80 Technical >95%

Property:Amber to brown oily liquid. non-toxic,odorless. soluble in many fatty 
compositions and solvents.but insoluble in water, HLB Value:8.6.

Applications: Acts as a co-emulsifier in oil/water emulsions, suitable for skin care and color cosmetics. Also used in sun care products, hair care, lip care, eye care, specific skin care treatments, sun protection, after-sun, deodorants,antiperspirants and baby Care.As oil/water emulsifier,wetter agent and lubricant it’s also widely used in pharmaceutical,textile and other industries.

Phenyl Trimethicone Industrial Grade 99%min

Phenyl Trimethicone is a polyphenylmethylsiloxane which improves the performance of many types of cosmetic formulations. It has an excellent solubility in alcohol.

Typical Properties:

Appearance: Colorless liquid

Viscosity at 25℃: 20mm2/s

Specific gravity: 0.98

Refractive index at 25℃:1.46

Flash point - closed cup:>100℃

Features and Advantages:

* Easily emulsified

* Good compatibility with cosmetic ingredients

* Resistant to oxidation

* Provides non-oily, easy to spread emolliency and allows natural skin transpiration through a soft invisible film

* Good anti-stick and anti-tack characteristics

* Imparts gloss, softness and better manageability to hair


(1) Used as a water repellent additive and to reduce the tackiness and stickiness of organic ingredients in formulations such as:

*  skin lotions and creams

* suntan lotions and non-aerosol sprays

* pre-shave lotions

(2) Used as a hair gloss agent in non-aerosol hair sprays, conditioners and grooming aids

hydrolyzed keratin Industrial Grade 90%MIN

Product Name: Hydrolyzed Keratin
CAS No. : 69430-36-0
Properties:Hydrolyzed Keratin100% natural source(feathers),excellent solubility,high stability,free of preservatives.

Key Technical Parameters:


No unpleasant odor


90% min.


8.0% max.

Molecular Weight

2,000Da max.

Water Insoluble Matter

No visible impurities


7.0% max.

pH value



0.5mg/kg max.

Heavy Metals

0.5mg/kg max.


0.5mg/kg max.


2.0mg/kg max.


1.0mg/kg max

Aerobic Bacterial Count

1000 CFU/g max.


30 MPN/100g max.



Staphylococcus Aureus


Applications:Moisturizing effect on the skin,repair damaged hair,nail repair,reduce formula irritation.

Stabilized Superoxide Dismutase Purified 95%

Super stable superoxide dismutase, derived from extreme deep-sea environment, high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, high activity. The shelf life is up to 2 years at room temperature.

Superoxide dismutase has many functions such as antioxidant aging, skin care, anti-inflammatory and so on. It has broad application prospects in the fields of daily chemical, health care, medical treatment, cosmetology and so on. However, the development of Superoxide dismutase is greatly limited due to the low activity of most superoxide dismutase in the market, the need for refrigeration and easy inactivation. Our superoxide dismutase is extremely stable in nature, with high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance and other special properties, so that superoxide dismutase can be easily applied to various products.

Superoxide dismutase (SOD)
INCI Name: Superoxide dismutase
Name: SOD, Stabilized Superoxide Dismutase
Chem Name: Dismutase, superoxide
CAS: 9054-89-1
EC Number: 232-943-0
Appearance: White to light pink or purplish red powder
Purity: >95%
Activity: 7000u/mg
Shelf life: Two years at room temperature
Storage: Keep sealed in a cool, dry place, room temperature
Recommended dosage: 0.2% - 2%

Key Product Attributes
Reduces UV-induced erythema
Protects against lipid peroxidation - neutralizes the superoxide radical
Protects against damaging effects of the environment
Enhances protective effects of suncare products
Combats photoaging

Sun protection/ Sunscreen
Freckle removing
Skin conditioning

Sun protection
Facial mask
Eye cream

Benefits: superoxide anion is the most reactive and harmful free radical for the cells of the human body. The superoxide dismutase enzyme is the body’s natural defense for fighting the damage caused by free radicals. Studies have shown that the superoxide dismutase enzyme helps to reduce almost 100% of inflammation caused by UVB rays.

Superoxide dismutase, an active substance derived from living organisms, is regarded as the most magical enzyme in life science and technology and the garbage scavenger in human body. It converts free radicals, a harmful substance produced by organisms in the process of metabolism, into hydrogen peroxide. Although hydrogen peroxide is still a harmful reactive oxygen species, catalase and peroxidase in the body immediately decompose it into completely harmless water. Thus, the three enzymes form a complete antioxidant chain.

Tests show that superoxide dismutase is a more effective antioxidant than vitamin E, green tea extract, and MAP. There is also a study that measured how Superoxide dismutase can reduce the redness caused by UV rays and it was much more effective than vitamin E and ascorbyl palmitate.

Superoxide dismutase is a really potent antioxidant and slathering it all over yourself is a great way to give the skin a little extra help in protecting itself from all the bad environmental things out there.

Superoxide dismutase creams and other personal care products are used to reduce free radical damage to the skin and lower signs of aging. Superoxide dismutase’s antioxidant effects boost the health and appearance of your skin, and it is often used to prevent wrinkles, fine lines and age spots.

Superoxide dismutase for skin care is also known to help wound healing, soften scar tissue and protect skin against UV rays.

Bis-Aminopropyl Diglycol Dimaleate Technical

Bis-aminopropyl diglycol dimaleate is a new type of a personal care or cosmetic product, it could be used for hair waving or straightening, hair conditioning, hair blenching.

Shenzhen BST Science&Technology co.,LTD can provide from 25 kilograms to bulk quantity according to your requirement.

Shenzhen BST Science&Technology co.,LTD is a bis-aminopropyl diglycol dimaleate supplier.

Dodecyltrimethylammonium Bromide Technical 99%

Dodecyltrimethylammonium bromide is used as a surfactant, as an emulsifier of rubber and asphalt and as an anti-static agent of synthetic fiber. It acts as an ionic surfactant and useful in the preparation of gold nanopartilces along with sodium dodecylsulfate. It is also used as paint strippers and foaming stabilizers. It is used to prepare dodecyltrimethylammonium bromide.By using conductimetry, density measurements, and small angle neutron scattering, it is used to study the micelle formation in water-dimethylsulfoxide mixture. Further, it is a useful biochemical for proteomics research.

Purity: 99%
Appearance: White Crystalline Powder
Storage: Room Temperature
Water: ≤0.5%
Heavy metal: ≤5ppm

Skin brightening ingredient Kojic Acid 99%min

Product Description:

Kojic Acid powder is a natural antioxidant derived from Fungi, Kojic Acid is a natural skin lightening agent used in many skin care products. Kojic Acid helps to treat hyperpigmentation, dark spots, sun damage etc,improve the appearance of discoloration and skin brightness.

Kojic Acid is known as 5- hydroxyl -2- hydroxymethyl -1 and 4- piranone. It is a weak acidic organic compound made by fermentation of microorganisms.Fine tramperic acid is a white or yellowish needle like crystal; easily soluble in water, alcohol and acetone, slightly soluble in ether, ethyl acetate, chloroform and pyridine, insoluble in benzene; its molecular formula is C6H6O4,Molecular weight142.1,Melting point153~156ºC.


It is applied in the field of cosmetics. In the human skin, tyrosine is synthesized by the complex oxidation and polymerization of oxygen free radicals under the catalysis of tyrosinase, and finally the melanin is synthesized. Kojic Acid can inhibit the synthesis of tyrosinase, so it can strongly inhibit the formation of skin melanin, and it is safe and non-toxic, and will not produce leukoplakia, so Kojic has been added into the make-up water, mask, emulsion, skin cream, and can effectively treat freckles, old age spots, pigmentation, acne and other whitening cosmetics.20ug/ml.A variety of tyrosinase can be inhibited by the concentration of Kojic Acid 70 to 80% of the vitality is recommended in cosmetics, adding 0.2 to 1%.Kojic Acid is the raw material for producing maltol and ethyl maltol.In pharmaceutical,Kojic Acid has no mutagenic effect on eukaryotic cells, it can also eliminate the internal free radicals, enhance the power of the white cell, and be beneficial to the health of the human body. Therefore, Kojic Acid has already been used as the raw material of cephalosporins, and the finished product is used to treat the diseases such as headache and toothache, and the analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects are ten Divide the ideal.In agricultural field,it can be used to produce biological pesticides. The bio micro fertilizer (deep red liquid), made of 0.5 to 1% Kojic Acids, is applied to the grain and vegetable, whether it is a low concentration as a foliar fertilizer or a growth increasing agent for root application.Kojic Acid can also be used as iron analysis reagent, film speckle inhibitor, ect.

Benefits of Kojic Acid:

Anti-aging Effect: Products containing Kojic Acid may lighten the skin, which can improve the appearance of age spots and sun damage. The reduction of dark spots can have an anti-aging effect.
Treat Melasma: Kojic Acid may also be helpful in decreasing melasma, which is darkening of the skin due to pregnancy.
Decrease the Appearance of Scars: Kojic Acid may also reduce the discoloration of scars. Although the acid does not improve the thickness of scar tissue, it may reduce dark pigmentation associated with certain types of scars. Lightening the scar may make it less noticeable.
Antifungal Benefits: Kojic Acid is also thought to have some antifungal benefits. It may be helpful in preventing and treating certain fungal infections, such as athlete's foot and yeast infections.
Antibacterial Effects: Kojic Acid may also provide antibacterial benefits. It may help decrease the chances of developing common types of bacterial skin infections.


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