Buy soaping agents chemicals restains dyes into fabric materials


Saumaclean APT20

Saumaclean APT20 is an excellent product formulated to destroy excess peroxide on the fabric after peroxide bleaching. Saumaclean APT20 has very good penetration properties, achieves superior dye yield, eliminates yellow stripes on pure white goods, uniform bleaching of white goods, no shade variation in the fabric, improves wettability and reduces consumption of dyes, chemicals and water.

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Polwash-DP. Liquid

Polwash-DP. Liquid is an soaping & washing off agent cotton in liquid form.

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White crystal powder, non-toxic, salty in taste, soluble in water and aqueous solution, insoluble in ethanol, alkalescence, deliquescent in the air, easily labile at high temperature, release  carbon dioxide. Its density is 2.16~2.22g/cm³


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