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BC Antifoam E6

BC Antifoam E6 is a blend of synthetic waxes and non-ionic surfactants in a highly refined mineral oil.

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Barium Laurate

Barium Laurate is a type of metallic stearates.It is used in preparation of washing powder and detergents.

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Calfoam ALS-70

Calfoam ALS-70 offers cost savings over lower active products, but requires special handling and storage capabilities. It should be used with formulations having a pH of 7.0 or below.

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Calfoam SLS-30

Calfoam SLS-30 is an environmentally friendly and economical detergent that is compatible with high pH formulations.

Calfoam TLS-40

Calfoam TLS-40 offers higher activity and increased clarity at lower temperatures and builds excellent viscosity and detergency properties with other surfactants.

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Chemonic CCG-6

Chemonic CCG-6 is a water-soluble emollient and emulsifying agent ideally suited to add a soft, silky after-feel to skin cleansing products.Its multi-functional nature makes it especially useful for helping to emulsify natural oils into bar soaps and body washes while contributing to both foam lubricity and skin feel after rinse-off.

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Clarit GNP-150

Clarit GNP-150 is a patented high molecular weight solid compound which functions as a clarifying agent and co-gellant in bar soaps and deodorant sticks.Clarit GNP-150 functions as a solubilizer, allowing the formulator to produce stable, transparent fragrance sticks.Clarit GNP-150 imparts improved transparency and enhances stability.

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Diphenyl Ether

Diphenyl Ether is used as a heat transfer medium.It is a starting material in the production of phenoxathiin via the Ferrario reaction. It is used widely in soap perfumes.It is also used as a processing aid in the production of polyesters.

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Etidronic Acid

Etidronic acid is a bisphosphonate used in detergents, water treatment, cosmetics and pharmaceutical treatment. An etidronate is a salt of etidronic acid. It is a chelating agent and may be added to bind or, to some extent, counter the effects of substances, such as calcium, iron or other metal ions, which may be discharged as a component of grey wastewater and could conceivably contaminate groundwater supplies. As a phosphonate it has corrosion inhibiting properties on unnalloyed steel. Etidronic acid also acts to retard rancidification and oxidation of fatty acids.

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Excel Bio Blue

Excel Bio Blue is a biological automatic washing powder containing both optical whitener and blue specks.Excel Bio Blue incorporates enzymes and activated oxygen based ingredients designed to attack staining at lower temperatures, while whites washed at higher temperature will attain a blue hue due to the special blue specks.Excel Bio Blue may be used on all fabrics both for machine washing and soaking at all recommended temperatures.

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