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Castor Oil, Ethoxylated

Castor Oil, Ethoxylated is used as cleaning agents, antistatic agents, dispersants or emulsifiers, defoamers, softeners in textile formulations. Also these are used as emulsifiers, solubalizers in cosmetics , health care & agrochemical formulations.

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Ethylene Bis Stearamide

Ethylene bis stearamide is derived from stearic acid and ethylenediamine.It is a synthetic wax used as a dispersing agent or internal/external lubricant for benefits.It is also used as release agents, antistatic agents, and antifoaming agents.

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Sodium Trimetaphosphate

Sodium trimetaphosphate has applications with in a wide variety of industries, including as a food additive,used for water softening and detergents,It is used in toothpaste formulations as an abrasive.

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Tetraethylene Pentamine

Tetraethylenepentamine is a mixture of four different pentamines and additional higher and lower molecular weight ethyleneamines.It is commonly used in the manufacture of lube oil and fuel additives, corrosion inhibitors, asphalt additives and epoxy curing agents.

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2,3-Xylenesulphonic Acid

2,3-Xylenesulphonic acid is a hydrotropic solvent used in detergents, shampoos, degreasing compounds and printing pastes. It is also used to extract pentosans and lignin in the paper industry and as an additive for glues.

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Alkyl Benzene Sulphonate

Alkyl benzene sulphonate is the most widely used surfactants, laundry detergents and cleaning products.

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Apollo Laundry Detergent

Apollo Laundry Detergent is a concentrated, blue pumpable liquid laundry detergent with a multi-stage cleaning system covering a wide range of soils and fabrics. It has a combination of anti-redeposition agents, co-solvents, whitening agents and optical brighteners. Maximum effectiveness is obtained in a wide range of temperatures and water hardness. It should be used with an alkaline builder on most soils.

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Destainer Laundry Bleach

Destainer Laundry Bleach is a ready-to-use light yellow liquid chlorine bleach. It is made for use on white laundry work that can withstand bleaching. It delivers outstanding stain removal, including mildew, and imparts superior whiteness. Its built-in alkalinity provides stability and increased shelf life.

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Soft-Bak Fabric Softener

Soft-Bak Fabric Softener is a concentrated powdered fabric softener with a built in residual bacteriostat and self-sanitizer. It is used in commercial and hospital laundries. It eliminates static cling and chafing from all textiles while delivering residual bacteriostatic activity. It protects against gram positive and gram negative organisms in high relative humidity or wetness. It also limits production of organisms which act on urine to produce ammonia.

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Ultra Dishwashing Liquid

Ultra Dishwashing Liquid is a blue liquid pot and pan detergent that yields copious suds that last and last. It contains special additives blended to be soft and gentle on hands. Add Ultra Dishwashing Liquid with running water at the rate of one-eighth ounce per gallon of water.

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