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Esoft XR50

Esoft XR50 is basis for manufacture of textils softners (concentrate). When this product is diluted in water forms a softners, which gives a marked smoothness, removing the rough feeling to the touch, it giving, too, silkiness and hydrophilicity to the fabric.

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HANDYBRITE is an ammoniated general purpose cleaning cream. It is used to clean household appliances, tiles, basins, sinks, kitchen surfaces and showers. It contains ammonia, and should not be inhaled. It is formulated to be scratch free so that valuable surfaces will not be damaged. It is a viscous liquid and is very economical.

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Membran UF

MEMBRAN UF penetrates the organic deposits disgregating and dispersing them in the detergent solution, enabling an efficacious cleaning in short times without creating foam. MEMBRAN UF contains high quantities of organic sequestering agents, enabling to operate with hard waters without causing deposits due to the water hardness. MEMBRAN UF presents high detergent/dissolving characteristics and its constant utilization enables to maintain unaltered the initial permeability characteristics of the filtering membranes, thus enabling a prolongation of filtering cycles.

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Nappy Wash

Nappy Wash is an oxygen bleach, suitable for use on colours and nappies as a bleaching and sanitising agent in the laundry or use for general maintenance. For nappy washing, leave nappies to soak for a minimum of three hours for the best results.

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Progress-1 is designed for flushing contaminants containing oil and petroleum products, technical oils, remnants of lubricating-cooling liquids, and also for removing soot and soot.The agent is an aqueous solution of anionic and non-ionic surfactants, alkaline and special additives.In diluted form, in manual or in machine wash, including in contactless washing with the use of special equipment, for example, when washing tanks with monitors.The Progress-1 series in detergent solutions is compatible with the Progress-2 series, as well as with conventional detergent powders having an alkaline reaction.Progress-1 is recommended to apply for washing technological equipment and parts, replacing petroleum solvents,for washing industrial premises in the food industry, including smoking chambers; for cleaning food units, canteens,kitchens and for washing food containers and equipment, including grill and plate grates,for washing clothes, contaminated with oil products.

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SOLCON 80R is an extremely effective solvent detergent with special emulsifiers and wetting agents. It removes an unusually large number of unrelated compounds making it an excellent all-purpose solvent based cleaner.

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Tristearin is a triglyceride, a glyceryl ester of stearic acid, derived from animal fats created as a byproduct of processing beef. It can also be found in tropical plants such as palm. It is used as tallow in the manufacture of candles and soap. It is also used in conjunction with aluminium flakes to help in the grinding process in making dark aluminium powder.

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Ultra Odor

Ultra Odor is a unique formula which neutralizes undesirable organic odors, including smoke, without ozoning. Most smoke odor removers only mask the odor. Ultra Odor eliminates it. Can be used in dry cleaning and wet cleaning/laundry. Also great for restoration cleaning professionals.

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Alfodet L46

Alfodet L46 is the sodium salt of alpha olefin sulphonate (SAOS), commonly known as AOS. Alfodet L46 is a detergent active of the anionic class.It is manufactured by continuous sulphonation of high-quality ethylene-based alpha olefins with sulphur trioxide in a specially-designed modern 'Ballestra' continuous thin-film sulphonation reactor, followed by neutralisation and hydrolysis.Alfodet L46 is an extremely light coloured liquid, thanks to efficient sulphonation, with low inorganic salt and un-sulphonated matter. No bleaching of the neutralised AOS is done after hydrolysis, ensuring that all supplies of Alfodet L46 are safe sultones within tolerable limits.Alfodet L46 is suitable as an active for general detergent products such as detergent cakes and powders, toilet and laundry soaps, liquid detergents for fine fabrics, dish- and floor-washing liquid, woolen- and carpet-washing applications, scourers and shampoos, bubble baths and shower gels.

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CELLESH 100 is used as chelating agent in liquid detergents.


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