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Pilot SXS-40

Pilot SXS-40 is a widely-used hydrotrope in many HI&I applications; effectively reducing viscosity, increasing solubility and improving clarity. It imparts dispersing and coupling properties in many formulations and will not impart any considerable detergency.

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Stearic Acid

Orchid Chemie present to the customers Stearic Acid of the finest quality. Stearic Acid is a saturated fatty acid. Our Stearic Acid has been procured from reliable vendors and manufacturers. It has been processed from high grade ingredients. Stearic Acid is used in making candles, plastics, cosmetic products, softening rubber purposes.


TRITON X-100 is a water-soluble, liquid, nonionic surfactant that has come to be recognised as the performance standard among similar products. It is an octylphenol ethoxylate. It is a highly effective detergent. It is effective in textile cleaning applications and is used in built formulations designed for home and industrial laundering.

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Tallow Amine

Tallow Amines are widely used in the synthesis of organic chemicals and cationic and amphoteric surfactants. Tallow Amines are used as material for cationic and anfoteric surfactant, asphalt emulsifier, fuel additive, grease thickeners, release agents for rubber, cationic collector in mining, anti-caking and corrosion inhibitors.

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Ufarol TA 40

Ufarol TA 40 presents itself as a pale yellow liquid. Its most common applications are in the manufacturing of mild liquid soaps and traffic film removers.

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VERSENE 100E Chelating Agent is an aqueous solution of the tetrasodium salt of EDTA. It is widely used in agriculture, cleaning products, metalworking, oilfield applications, personal care products, polymerization, pulp and paper, scale removal and prevention, textiles, water treatment etc. It improves the performance, appearance and shelf life of a wide variety of soap and detergent products.

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Zinc Laurate

Zinc Laurate is a type of metallic stearates. It is widely used in preparation of pharma intermediates and cosmetics.

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Aquacid 1054P

Aquacid 1054PG is an organophosphonate with multifunctional properties like sequestration, deflocculation, threshold inhibition and hydrolytic stability, as a single active ingredient. It is a free flowing, low dust product highly suitable for manufacture of detergent tablets, powders and various industrial & institutional cleaners. It is used widely in detergents, I&I cleaners as a co-builder to control adverse effects of hardness salts and iron on cleaning performance. Its high threshold effect properties are useful in various water treatment applications.

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Aquacid 105CG

Aquacid 105CG is a concentrated, acid form, cosmetic grade chelating agent for soap noodles; bath soaps and other personal care products. It is a cost effective substitute for conventional chelating agents like EDTA owing to its superior chelation values for hardness salts and transition elements like Fe, Cu, Mn, Ni, Co etc. compared to the corresponding EDTA salts.

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Calfax 10L-45

Calfax 10L-45 offers low streaking properties and solubilizes phenolic germicides in disinfectant formulations. It provides excellent rinsability and good coupling performance.

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