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Magna 21B

Magna 21B cuts greasy soil and dust effortlessly. It is highly concentrated, easy to apply, phosphate-free and biodegradable. Use it for cleaning food processing plants, ship’s galley, kitchen utensils, dishes and glassware.

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RODINE 52 is an acidic blend of alkoxylated fatty polyamines, propargyl alcohol, Butanol, formaldehyde and defoamer. RODINE 52 is a non- foaming acidic inhibitor for use in acid pickling, cleaning and oil well acidization.RODINE 52 is designed to prevent the acidic attack of Hydrochloric acid (of all concentration) on various metals such as Copper, Brass, Nickel, Tin, Lead, Zinc, Galvanized surface and all type of steel. RODINE 52 should be dozed at 0.1-0.3% v/v of diluted acid depending upon the operating temperature requirement. RODINE 52 should be stored in original containers in cool and dry place, away from sources of heat, flame and direct sunlight.

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ROOTBOOST is based on humic acid & fulvic acid blended with vital nutrients. It helps to build stronger root system by increasing root respiration and root formation. It improves crop yield by speeding up germination, enhancing seed & root growth. It improves intake of macro nutrients and induces early maturity and help plants in time of draught which results in higher & better quality of crop produce.

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SATOL HAC is a high alkaline liquid cleaner with a combination of non ionic surfactants, sodium hydroxide and phosphates. Non Ionic surfactant reduces the surface tension, sodium hydroxide provides cleaning effect and phosphates provide penetration effects.

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STENZA AR is a very unique adhesive remover and it offers excellent results for label and gum stains removal from any hard surface. This product is having no irritation on human skin and also having fine odour.

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Blue Power

Blue Power is effective remedy for Downey Mildew, Powdery Mildew as well as black spots & soil borne fungi infections. It is recommended for crops such as Pomegranate, Orange, Mango, Tomato, Potato, Lady Finger etc. Blue Power is a mixture of Copper & Phosphorous as (P2O5). The Copper present in Blue Power acts as powerful fungicides while phosphorous acts as plant nutrient & acts as diseases resistant medium.

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DARACEM 50 is a mid-range water reducer specifically formulated to produce concretes with dramatically enhanced finishing characteristics and normal setting times. It is an aqueous solution of complex organic compounds, each of which contributes uniquely to the concrete’s final properties. It produces a concrete with lower water content, improved placement properties and enhanced finishability.

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It is a highly concentrated solvent degreaser that contains rust inhibitor. It can be applied by spraying, wiping or, if necessary, immersing machinery parts in it to soften the grease. Its low toxicity will not harm operational personnel or marine life.

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MAGNA 1100

It is designed to disperse oil spills rapidly both on land and sea. Removes oil spills in harbours, seaports and other naval facilities, in the vicinity of offshore drilling platforms and decks, and along coastlines. May be used as a cleaner on deck.

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