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Pyridine is a basic heterocyclic organic compound with the chemical formula C5H5N. It is structurally related to benzene, with one methine group (=CH−) replaced by a nitrogenatom. The pyridine ring occurs in many important compounds, including azines and the vitamins niacin and pyridoxine.


DIPICRYL TH is cross linked acrylic co-polymer dispersion in water to avoid handling viscous rheology modifier. Solution of DIPICRYL TH effectively suspends pigments, abrasives and finely divided solids. Unlike conventional thickeners DIPICRYL TH has little flocculation action, thickened lattice are free of any creaming tendency and aqueous suspensions are free of sedimentation. It is used as a thickener in plastic emulsion paints and further it gives good rheological properties.

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EL-MONOBOND is a non re-emulsifiable epoxy latex based bonding agent. It is used as waterproof coating over concrete surfaces like terraces, roofs, basements, sunken slabs, liftpits, bridge decks, soffits, inside/outside surfaces of PSC box girders, marine structures like jetties, walls, etc. It is a two-component non re-emulsifiable epoxy latex system which can be used for plain and cement modified coating applications over concrete/plastered substrates.

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EPCO KP-200 is a bipolar concrete penetrating corrosion inhibiting admixture. It is used as an admixture to concrete for protecting reinforcement steel in structure exposed to aggressive corrosion like marine structures, foundations, jetties, docks, mooring berths, bridges, sewerage systems, chlorinating plants, chimneys, cooling towers, power plants, refineries & buildings. It is a hi-tech corrosion inhibitor system that works on the Bipolar Inhibition Mechanism (B.I.M) which inhibits corrosion of steel in concrete at both the poles.

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Highly concentrated for cleaning very dirty air conditioning equipment such as coils, fins, drip pan, etc. It contains strong penetrating emulsifiers but does not damage aluminium, zinc and other metal surfaces. It removes all grease accumulation, scales and impurities effectively even without agitation or scrubbing.

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Alkaline and 100% biodegradable. Formulated for extra heavy duty cleaning, with self-rinsing properties. It holds soil in suspension and allows dirt to rinse off freely. It does not contain solvents, is non-flammable, is non-corrosive to most metals and will not harm painted surfaces.

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RayFlex 118

RayFlex 118 is a high solids, high performance, elastomeric all acrylic emulsion polymer specifically designed for wall mastic, caulks, and sealants, and roof coating applications. Coatings formulated with RayFlex 118 have outstanding elongation and flexibility. It also provides excellent adhesion and water resistance.

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RayFlex 164

RayFlex 164 is a tacky elastomeric acrylic polymer. Coatings formulated with this product have good adhesion to both polar and non-polar substrates. It has excellent low temperature flexibility, and it can be used to add flexibility to harder polymers. It is tacky at room temperature, which allows it to be used in dust collection applications.

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RayFlex 613

RayFlex 613 is a high solids, high performance, elastomeric all acrylic emulsion polymer. Specifically designed for wall mastics, caulks, sealants, chinking compounds and roof coatings applications, RayFlex 613 can be formulated at higher volume solids and with high pigment loads. Coatings formulated with it have excellent flexibility and crack resistance, exhibit less shrinkage, and provide outstanding joint movement capability.

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RayFlex 765

RayFlex 765 is an elastomeric styrene acrylic emulsion designed for a wide variety of exterior coatings. It is ideal for flexible roof coatings, textured finishes and wall mastics. Coatings formulated with RayFlex 765 offer excellent tensile strength, elongation properties, low temperature flexibility and outstanding water resistance.

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